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February 13th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Lots of young guys should take note: when you go on vacation, you should go somewhere where you can increase sperm.  Here are some of the top locations:



3.Southern China


All of the above places provide you the opportunity to live out all of your crazy sexual fantasies.  Of course, you have to like Asian and Brazilian women, but Brazilian women come in the whole range of skin colors so you’ve got choices.

It you are into Nordic blonds, however, you may be shit out of luck.  I’m not into them particularly though, so I am cool with them being less accessible.

The cool thing about these sorts of “vacations” is that they give you a frame of reference by which to judge the women of your home country against.  After sampling these international treats, local women become something of a joke for the most part.  Let’s face it, a woman’s sexual market value is her beauty and the sexual pleasure she can provide.  A man’s sexual market value is the ability to provide orgasm (via his male sexual potency) and the security that engenders it.

Sadly, things have been skewed such that the man is only desired for his ability to provide security – but 100% in terms of finances.  The woman, on the other hand, has little beauty and provides little sexual satisfaction while demanding an exorbitant price.

So it is up to you to level the playing field to stay healthy as a man in spirit.



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