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February 14th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was reading this article today which came to my attention via one of my tantric acquaintances via Facebook.  One of the reasons people have problems with their virility is because they really aren’t connected to the primal nature of their bodies much anymore.

It’s like on the Grammy’s last night Adele (a German name that was popular ~100 years ago) sang that song “Rolling In The Deep” and I was thinking to myself upon hearing the lyrics: “Maybe the reason your man stopped showing up was because you let yourself get fat?”  Either that, or you are trying to keep people away from you now that you are famous.  Not to diss, because I actually like that song a lot and think it is pretty deep.  But so is the bucket of yogurt she probably eats every night.

Anyway, this article is filled with all this infuriating bullshit about “being worthy to be loved and receive pleasure” and all this other nonsense.  What happens is that when you are young you are always being told explicitly and implicitly that you cannot express rage, so your diaphragm blocks up, and then naturally you cannot receive pleasure.  Especially women will notice this more so then men, because their orgasmic waves get cut off by the cement blockage around their solar plexus.  One has to be free to express rage in society in order to receive pleasure, and it has nothing to do with self-love or self-worth beyond the fact that women (and men too) hate themselves for not allowing themselves to express their rage.  They feel like cowards, and hence the self-loathing begins.

Maybe both sexes should take my male volume enhancers and some Thai boxing classes or something!



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