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Here is a video of this massive douche named “Decker” hitting on what is probably the ugliest girl I’ve seen all month:

It is beyond me why so many guys spend endless money and time so they can “game” women of such low quality. I would not even talk to a woman like this, and neither would any man of any value.

After watching this train wreck of an interaction, Becker and some other guy sit there intellectually masturbating each other for the remainder of the video.  They look like two homosexuals who can’t wait for the cameras to turn off so they can begin giving each other blowjobs.

They talk about “authenticity” yet have got to be the phoniest cats I have ever seen!

Seriously, you can just take a look at most of these guys and know instantly that they never get laid.  Except with girls who live in San Francisco, who are like super-unattractive and delusional to the point that this sort of shit actually flies…

But I am not here to rag on these kids.  They represent certain ideas whose reach extends past the “inner game” camp, and are very destructive if not put into the right context…

What those desiring to be lotharios need to understand, is that there is attraction that is based on a trauma-free model, and attraction based on a traumatic model.  You need to be aware of which world you are living in.

For example, I’m a tall good-looking guy and I’m pretty jacked these days.  Yet I could walk around for months and I’d have the feeling I am totally invisible.  Sure, I may get 1 or 2 looks a day from women but if I go to talk to them they will struggle to talk back, or will just freak out or something.  Or it is an endless stream of games that lead nowhere.  So I begin to think that maybe I am attractive but there is something seriously wrong with me outside of my looks.  lolz

It’s very hard to get any sort of traction in this town, unless you are INAUTHENTIC.  As a matter of fact, the only time I cleaned up in this town, was when I was monstrously inauthentic.  So inauthentic, as a matter of fact, I was operating as a sociopath.  Now this is fine if you actually are a sociopath, but if you are not, it is a formula for ending up in a mental institution for a while.

It’s quite a bind to be in, because if you are actually an authentic man with a great heart and not just mimicking such a man, your relationship life will be a disaster.  Conceal that great heart and depth of feeling so that nobody can see it, and you’ll have all the women you want.  The price being, of course, you won’t be able to enjoy any of them because without your heart connecting to them, sex is just advanced assisted masturbation.

Yet interestingly every time I run into a Brazilian tourist girl on the streets of NYC, usually the moment they see me their eyes light up, they respond to my sexual energy, and I often end up having sex with them.  They never have any problem expressing that I am a very attractive man with sexual value.  I may still make some of them nervous with my depth after or during sex with them, but for the most part…

Brazilian women operate from a relatively trauma-free model.

But in a place like NYC, attraction is based on a traumatic model.  Let me explain what this is…

In order to understand just how attraction could be based in large part upon traumas, it is best to look at your own attractions.  For example, you may be in a room with several beautiful women – all of whom you’d be capable of fucking, yet of course you have a “favorite” or two.  Maybe I could say that there is one you get “stuck on?”  It’s usually the one who doesn’t really like you, or will hurt you, or you have no chance of being successful with over the long term.  Yet that is the one you are most attracted towards, and will pick to be with given the choice.

Why is that?

Because the human psyche is always looking for external situations that reflect what is going on in the subconscious, in order to bring these energies into the conscious realm so that they can be resolved and the human psyche made whole.  Nature makes sure we rise to the challenge, by attaching the most powerful libidinal energies to these scenarios.  In fact, this is your natural energy beneath the trauma, enticing you to liberate it by accepting the challenge of being conscious and resolving the trauma.  It doesn’t matter if we continuously fail at this process (the usual story), and therefore just repeat the buried trauma over-and-over until we are too old to play the game anymore (the fate of most people).  This is simply how the human psyche is constructed.  End of story.

Now one can try to by-pass this phenomenon by consciously choosing women we aren’t really attracted to, or by going after women who have no chance at all in triggering any of our shit.  As a matter of fact, this IS what most men do, and it explains why so many men are with female partners who are an embarrassment:  “Well, she’s not really my type but she sucks a good dick and gives me compliance so I’ll just pacify myself with her and go around believing my game is so awesome and I’m so spiritually evolved!”

This is also the common solution to this spiritual problem in the tantric, poly and meditation community – the idea to play around all day with uninspiring people and parrot on about “love and light” while pretending one is so evolved.  Cowards, all of them!  It makes me sick because they’ve accomplished nothing, and are actually perpetuating one of the worst problems of the human mind.

Now these same dynamics in men, apply to women!  Therefore, it follows that the guy who will fuck the most women in our trauma-dominated world, is the guy who is capable of accessing either the widest-spectrum of trauma, and/or the most common traumatic programs in a woman.  This is why “asshole game” is the most effective.  It’s also why sociopaths make the best PUAs.

And why is this?  Because fundamentally, women are self-loathing creatures who hate themselves – not inherently… but specifically, they’ve been taught to hate their femininity.  So they become quasi-men, and since ironically it is the man’s feminine side that makes him truly masculine… and men have been convinced to hate the feeling aspect of themselves as well… they become shadows of men.

So how the fuck can a woman who hates herself be approached with love?  She can only be approached with hate.  I was talking to 2 PUAs the other night at my gym who are half my age, and they are fucking so many girls it’s crazy.  But every story is about slapping women during sex, choking them, and dishing out a whole menu of physical, psychological and sexual abuse.  Both of them agreed with me that the majority of women are emotionally damaged fuck-pigs who are good for nothing except being receptacles for cum and abuse, that the worst thing in this world is to be born as a woman because they are born into a world of hate, and that the only reason they went from being guys who could not get laid, to being guys who drowned in sexual abundance was because they woke up – saw women for the self-loathing creatures they are, and then gave them EXACTLY what they felt they deserved.

Now most women who read this will conclude that I am a misogynist, and that I am encouraging this sort of thing.  I am not.  “This sort of thing” is actually something that makes me think about killing myself every single day, because I don’t want to live in a world like this.  But a man needs to eat, and if all that is available are dead bodies, he best become a carrion bird lest he die from starvation.

In a world where the majority of women are self-loathing and have no integrity whatsoever, you have only two choices as a man.  You can either be her victim, or you can be her victimizer.  True, you can also avoid women entirely, but good luck with that! lolz

So don’t fall for this false promise of the authentic community, the tantra community… this idea that if you as a man clean up the greater amount of your own traumas, become empowered, sexually powerful and loving that you’ll be able to go out into the world to play and the world will receive you with open arms.  What you will get, in fact, is a ton of abuse and rejection.  Do you realize how uncomfortable an incomplete person is around a whole person?  Do you think a person filled with self-loathing can accept love from another?

Just like an abused child grows up to crush what is beautiful in their own children, women who see your beautiful heart out in a club will make a move to hurt it.  The whole “authentic” paradigm is a joke.  Better to join the  BDSM community, give women the abuse they so richly deserve, and save your good heart for the “aftercare.” :)


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