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I got this letter from a customer the other day:

There was a girl in one of my physics class that I had a nice interaction/chemistry with.  A girl I wouldn’t have minded dating actually on top of just sex.

So I ended up asking her for coffee, and she said she was busy alot and couldn’t even see friends too mich so I said just give your number anyway – and she was giving it and said wait how old are you?  I really don’t know how to deal with this one quite right, because maybe I feel kinda bad or awkard about my age.  So I told her guess and she said over 20.  So I confessed 31 (I don’t like to lie really or do the pick up shit where you suppress everything) and she said I don’t think it’ll work out I’m 18.   I said seriously, I thought you were 22 and I usually go for 24/25 or older.  But yea it kinda shut me down energetically and that was that…

Also it was in front of one other girl if that made a difference – but  I didn’t want to stick around until they were leaving so I did it anyway.

Was there a way I could have gotten around that? Also is there a way I can catch her alone some other time and just get casual sex – be like hey, it wouldn’t have to work out if we hook up.

Here is my response:

31 is really young.  I turn 42 tomorrow.  Mind you, 18 is pretty young and girls that age are like children emotionally and such.

But at 31 you really shouldn’t feel old.  31 and 18 is not an issue in the least.  Look at all those 18 year old girls in porn getting fucked out by guys older than me.

The problem here isn’t your age, it’s that she wasn’t that interested to begin with – or else has a lot of issues (see next paragraph).  If a girl wants to see you she will never give some excuse like she is “busy a lot and can’t even see friends.”  If a girl like that hems and haws, don’t even ask for her number, just dismiss her yet go for sex the next chance you get.  Getting numbers is worthless! Going for fast sex is the fastest way into a relationship no matter what anyone ever tells you.  Fuck coffee, fuck getting her number… coffee and numbers and “dates” are fine if you are convinced that she is really interested in you, but if she isn’t just forget about it.  Just like girls who want to wait to have sex.  Unless they are virgins, I can guarantee they are completely fucked up sexually and mentally and are just trying to get you hooked on them before all their crazy explodes out all over your life.  If they let you fuck them fast, you would see how nuts they are and never fuck them again.

Now it is possible that she liked you but didn’t want to be judged by her friends (which is why you don’t run game in front of them), or really wanted a relationship and was thinking ahead about the consequences of dating a 31 year old.  This is why you don’t want to give them time to think.  You wait until they are horny and you initiate sex.  If you are good in bed and she believes you are attainable/maintainable, you’ve got a girlfriend.  Assuming, of course, that she isn’t nuts.

If they ask you how old you are, just say it is rude to ask someone their age.  Refuse to answer.  Ask her why she thinks so much.  Is she planning out a future with you already?  Mock her. If she said “over 20″ then go “yup” and change the subject.

Hope this helps!


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