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April 7th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

I watched this documentary on Netflix the other day and found the above scene that starts at 0:55 genuinely moving.  I am not sure how to answer this little girl’s questions.  These women didn’t choose to become hookers because they had daddy-issues or didn’t feel like working for a living… it seems to me that these problems are more of a function of over-population to the degree that human life becomes next to worthless, and this phenomenon needs to be addressed very seriously.  If you ask me, we need to look at population control coupled with genetic engineering and mass automation in order to create a sustainable society where people are not forced to work to survive, and human life will finally be celebrated and cherished.

What is also very disturbing about the documentary is the men in Bangladesh nonchalantly saying that if there were no brothel districts, no woman would be safe and women would be harassed and raped in the street every day by men.  Even stranger is that  many of these men are married, yet continue to visit the brothel district daily – sometimes twice a day!

It makes one wonder – are all men rapists at heart only we have socially conditioned ourselves to hold back from committing rapes on a daily basis?  In ancient times cannibalism was also a widespread cultural practice, and in ancient Rome brothels for indulging in bestiality were more common than those offering humans for satiating one’s desires!

Is this really human nature – we’ve just repressed it to the nth degree?

If so, then maybe religion with all of it’s repressions and oppressions is not such a bad thing?  After all, who would want to live in a world where all people did was rape each other, and eat each other instead of animals – preferring instead to bugger them?


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