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You know, it’s great to have “game” and to be able to be the guy women turn to for sexual fulfillment as opposed to the “provider” guy, but sometimes guys need to be reminded that what women really want is the guy who has all that and still wants to have a relationship.

When I think about why I first studied game many years ago, it wasn’t really so much because I wanted to fuck a ton of women even though that is a lot of fun.  In reality, I knew that in the past I had really messed it up with a lot of women because I had no game, or didn’t know that women needed to be fucked like a girl in one of Rocco Siffredi’s “Animal Trainer” films… and my motivation was that the next time I had the opportunity to be with the “woman of my dreams” I would not fuck the whole thing up.

I suspect a lot of guys are like this, but somehow forget their initial motivation and get stuck in “player mode” or “misogyny mode” or something…

The reality is that women want relationships and intimacy with a guy who is alpha and has game and can fuck.  If you are a high-value male, and you pay close attention, what you will find is that women want you to devote yourself to them, but in most cases they know they aren’t worthy of inspiring such devotion in you.  This will cause you to “fail” with a lot of women and by “fail” I mean you won’t be able to stick your cock in them.  It isn’t that your game sucks, or you are unattractive or whatever story it is that you are telling yourself… it’s just that you don’t really want to be with them.  You’d just fuck them.  Their “score” is too low for them to qualify as “keepers.”  They know this, and would not be able to handle you rocking their world and then breaking out – even though it might increase their chances of being able to attract a better quality man in the future!

So take some time and look at the women you are “gaming” and ask yourself if you really want them beyond sex.  If the answer is “no” then find some you’d really want to be with and watch your success shoot through the roof!


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