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November 8th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Here is a great clip from Michael Mann’s remake of his own 80′s TV show, “Miami Vice:”

This clip is just such a masterpiece and shows you a lot about alpha male behavior. Here is a woman who is really strong and says she doesn’t need a man, and Sonny is just so cool. He fastens her seatbelt for her and check out her reaction! You can learn a lot from the energy and acting on both sides, because this is a totally real scenario.

I am really tired tonight. I lifted so heavy at the gym today and I have so much work to do. It is 11:36pm and my mind is blank even though I have so many things to write about during the day. So many thoughts on topics like male enhancement. I need to record them on my Android so I can remember them later on.

I am working on getting into amazing shape for the new year, when I will get back into the game full force. That’s my intention. To live a decade of decadence. I’m getting ready for it! Tomorrow I will make the transition from eating beef to lamb. I will get 10lbs. of lamb ground up into patties for starters.

Speaking of getting back in the game…

I don’t get all these “allegations” about Herman Cain: since when is it scandalous, immoral – or even illegal, for a straight man to initiate sex with a grown woman? He put his hand up her dress and touched her genitals? I suppose she wasn’t wearing any panties then, that nasty girl! Seriously, what man hasn’t done that – or pushed a woman’s head toward his crotch? Sometimes a woman needs a little encouragement to make a man cum. ;)

I just wish Mr. Cain would man-up like Berlusconi and be like, “Damn right I did those things and that bitch sucked me off too! Women love a man with power. Why do you think she never complained?”

Because I’m sure what this woman claims actually happened, did – except for the part where she claims to have said she had a boyfriend and broke out of there. It happened and there was no problem until some smear-meister offered her $100,000 or some shit to be the main attraction in a media circus.

But Herman Cain is a punk like Anthony Weiner who could have been like, “Sure I sent pics of my dick to some girl. Doesn’t everybody do that these days?” LOL!




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