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November 7th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So I got my corn muffin from Whole Foods and I’m about to break it out while I watch the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  I love zombie films so much and this show is like one never-ending zombie film.  I am so crazy about this genre that I saw Dawn of the Dead 2004 about 26 times.  No joke!

Today I was down at Loreley which is the best beer garden in NYC.  Why is it the best?  Because they have bratwurst that tastes really good.  I ordered a bratwurst with some delicious bread.  Most bratwurst sucks, but the stuff at Loreley is kinda’ close to what my mother used to make.

As Christmas is approaching, I ordered some of this direct from Germany:

Now I don’t know if this will do much for my sperm count, but this is the most delicious shit on the planet in the sweets department.  The only thing that can rival it is real German marzipan such as this:

I am trying to find kilo bricks of this shit online at a discount but it is so hard.  When I get rich I will fly to Germany to buy nothing but Lebkuchen and Marzipan Schwartzbrot – and of course to show some German hookers what my huge cum pills can do!

This weekend I have been getting a lot of attention from the ladies and I believe it is due to my new Uniqlo wardrobe that looks really good.  Today on the subway home, half-cocked on Schneider Aventinus, this girl sits down next to me.  She is blonde, beautiful, and has a field hockey stick that she almost brains me with while sitting down next to me.  I opened her, and she ALSO turned out to be so sweet, emotionally healthy, and just downright… special!

I rarely meet a girl in this town who is so clear.  Now I’ve met 2 this weekend.  Could it be that I am getting healthier so I attract them towards me – or maybe they were always there and I finally notice them?  Nah, I must be attracting them if anything, but now I have to see if I keep running into women like this.  It could be that the karma of a real relationship is stalking me, as opposed to just fucking different women all the time.  Hopefully this real relationship will allow for plenty of side action or threesomes or something like that. lol



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