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November 9th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Like my headline?  It’s silly like that film Akira or Godzilla fighting some giant ape or whatever.  Actually, Akira is a great film.  The best line in the whole movie is the one where the girl says to Kaneda (this is all from memory so I may have it wrong): “Amoebas don’t build motorbikes and missiles.”

Something like that…

It’s the most powerful line because our brains are like an iPod scotch-taped to an 8-track player on top of a lizard who plays an organ.  Most of the latent power in a human stays latent because what would it do?  Re-write your entire biology, and you may have trouble surviving the process.

But I digress…  I should be talking about male enhancement pills or something instead.

But I rather talk about Tokyo because the news is all quiet about the Fukushima disaster.  Like it never happened.  But it did.  While they are busy talking about some college coach who banged some young fruit in the butt in the locker room while nobody was looking,  the Japanese are planning to build a second Tokyo because the radiation is so bad.

Does anybody even comprehend how bad the situation is in Japan?  This is the biggest catastrophe to befall mankind in recorded history.  We are ignoring it because the horror of it is largely invisible – occurring on the subatomic level where the damage caused is irreversible.

It’s sad.  There goes my dream to make love to Maria Ozawa. lol!

You know if people would just devote their lives to having better erections and bigger orgasms all these neurosis would vanish.  But instead they are gearing up to go to war in Iran now.  Rinsing-and-repeating the same dumb shit claiming the Iranians have nukes like they claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  “Mass destruction” was used as the term at that time, because should they not find anything remotely nuclear in the land, they can claim chemical weapons (which they knew were there) to be on the same par as nuclear ones.  Ridiculous!

It’s the same old song, but I don’t see nukes I see another 50,000 soldiers coming home without arms, legs or cocks.  How the fuck do our leaders sleep with themselves at night, knowing that all these amputees are rolling around BECAUSE OF THEM.  It is ALL FOR NOTHING.  They should show what war does every fucking day on the TV just like they should show what is really going on in Japan after Fukushima.

But nope.  All they care about is ratings, so they talk about shit that just don’t matter.  Seriously, stop watching network television and go on news aggregator sites and find out what is really going on the world.  Get connected to real human experiences and not whose cock Lindsay Lohan is sucking or how fat Jennifer Lopez’s ass is this week.

All these politicians and bankers and assholes are the ones who took a bottle of aspirin that once cost 79 CENTS and made it so that today it costs 8 DOLLARS.




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