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March 12th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

What I hate is when women totally ignore you like you don’t exist. Let me give you an example, so there is no confusion. I was walking down Second Avenue today in Manhattan. The weather was really gorgeous, but I was feeling rather sick and had been throwing up. But I was smiling and looked well and was strolling, and I come up next to this young girl yapping on the phone. She turns to look at me and there is this sexual tension. I don’t like her, but I will say she had a fantastic ass. So I ignore it and keep walking. But every block we catch up with each other and have to wait at the light and the tension is still there.

What’s weird is she is short as fuck – like 5’2″ at most, yet she can walk as fast I. Then again, she’s probably struggling while I’m not. Anyway, so eventually she hangs up the phone and gets so uncomfortable with the situation, that even though I have a massive lead on her she tries to get around me. So I finally turn to her as she attempts to pass me and I say: “For such a short girl you really can fly.”

Now this girl hears me for sure because my voice was directed and booming, yet pretends like I said nothing. She just keeps walking and since she can’t avoid meeting me at the next corner she suddenly breaks and runs across the avenue so she’s walking on another side of the street. How ridiculous.

But this pattern is something I’ve encountered my whole life. Before I had game, after I had game… it doesn’t matter what I do I always encounter a high percentage of women in Manhattan who ignore my opener no matter what I say or how I say it. It’s utterly rude. I know women will say shit like: “I don’t have to respond to anyone just because they start talking to me.” They are correct. They don’t. But it is fucked up. Other human beings deserve at least acknowledgement that they exist.



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