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March 10th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was reading my good friend Chance’s blog the other day, which is the best celebrity gossip blog out there.  Apparently Rihanna is fighting with some Viet girl over Chris Brown.  It’s hysterical.  You’ve got to have respect for the natural male enhancement that must emanate from Chris Brown to get these women fighting over him, despite the fact that both of them are kind of banged up and he’s famous. I’m not sure what sort of model Karrueche Tran is… most Viet girls are usually very hot – and much desired in brothels in Macau but this one is not in that category for sure. Rihanna is no prize either and sports a forehead like a space alien.

The most attractive thing about any of these people, truth be told, is Chris Brown’s tattoos. They are sick!

But more interesting is the fact Chris Brown beat Rihanna up and she still hangs out with him. So typical. Whenever you see some guy beating up his girlfriend somewhere, don’t even think of getting involved because I’ve heard so many stories where the girl turns around and assaults the Captain-Save-A-Ho for stepping in to help her. I don’t understand where this comes from, but I suppose they feel they need that sort of treatment?



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