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March 13th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So Ben ended up picking Courtney!  I predicted this when I saw the very first episode.  It’s just so easy to determine these outcomes.  Naturally, picking her was the dumbest decision of his life.  Courtney is going to eat him alive.  If he thinks the last girl he was with harmed him, wait until this crocodile goes to work.  They should make a reality show all about how he suffers in the grasp of her jaws.  I hope he took plenty of opportunities to ejaculate in her mouth during the courting process and enjoy himself, because heaven is about to turn into hell.  He really should have picked the other girl – she would have made a great wife.

Nothing against Courtney personally.  The girl is gorgeous, she is just a mask-wearing sociopath.  Of course, Ben can’t see this since he isn’t a real man and is always looking to his mom and sister for their stamps of approval.  The mother was the only one who detected trouble, but Courtney won her over pretty quickly.  The girl has skills.  Mad sociopathic skills!  I would send Ben a bottle of my cum pills, but he is hopeless.  He should have fucked Courtney non-stop and in the last minute married that other girl.  Oh well…



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