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August 29th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

You know how much I hate that song “Come on Irene?”  It’s one of the stupidest songs written.  It was in my head over the weekend because Hurricane Irene was scheduled to take a walk up Broadway.  Idiot New Yorkers cleaned out the supermarkets like it was fucking armageddon just because our height-challenged and monkey-faced mayor told Manhattanites that a good number of them are in mandatory evacuation zones and must leave or die.  The lazy shits at the MTA even got to shut the entire system down for 3 fucking days, the military was called in, blah, blah, blah…

First of all, people living in this town shouldn’t worry about drowning in some hurricane-induced flooding, they should worry about high winds accelerating in velocity – as they rush between the tall buildings, until they attain such speeds that they break windows and create a storm of broken glass.   The streets would become meat-grinders.  So I went to the hardware store, bought a role of duct tape, assembled my Dr. Who DVDs and decided that was that.

Irene came and went and nobody noticed.  I didn’t even get the chance to cum on her face so she is one selfish bitch.  She was scheduled to cross  Ground Zero like some illuminati ritual blessing their foul deeds with her hurricane brown eye.  Seriously though, there was no damage.  I didn’t even hear the wind, nor my windows rattle.  If you ask me, the whole thing was a test to see how many people would march into FEMA camps.  Judging by the number of pussies that evacuated, all a politician has to say is “March!” and people will head on over to the nearest death-train:

TSA employees molesting people in airports is another “test” to see how much dehumanization people will take.  Personally, I like being groped because I wasn’t touched a lot as a child and I need to get my affection somewhere.  I am trying to make my pc muscles really strong so the next time they are feeling me up I can just cum in my pants and then stare at them with my mouth open.

Below is a pic I boosted from Google images that depicts a TSA agent asking a gloved NYPD officer Irish McRetiresoon for a public reach-around, while officer Tyrone “I’m not overweight I just have a big bulletproof vest” McBiggs wonders silently (well, his lips are actually moving but no sound is coming out) if there are any breakfast sandwiches above or below the folding table.  The “artist” who captioned this image seems to think that officer McRetiresoon is in fact a TSA agent, but I think the TSA agent is the black dude with the blue gloves because he looks the least professional.  Seriously, most TSA agents are the same type of people who work for “Grand Central Partnership for the Homeless” or whatever they are called.

On happier news, I got my mini Nu Wave turbo infrared oven today and it is pretty sick.  Now it is off to Big Apple Meat Market to get things to cook, FEMA-style!





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