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So there is all this drama about a hurricane hitting NYC on Sunday around 2pm.  Now that it’s all over the headlines, they are downgrading the storm and by Sunday it will be just another shitty rainy day – or so I fear.  I was looking forward to hanging out on the East River as it floods.  The only danger is that if 85mph winds hit this town, the tall buildings will accelerate the wind velocities to the point that windows will be breaking in office buildings all over the place.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that glass raining down like guillotine blades is a death sentence for pedestrians.

The only excitement we had in recent years was that massive blackout.  People partied in the street with glowsticks, but that can only last for so long.  Until the food runs out.  Man, it was fucking dark.  You needed night vision to walk down the street.  There were some areas with bright emergency lighting, but I thought to myself, “Wow if someone wants to run around killing people now is the time.”  It’s really pretty scary because you don’t know whom you will meet in the dark and nobody will come to your rescue if something goes awry.  Smartest thing to do if you must go out, is carry a cheap, short machete with a sharp point.  They no longer make the one below, but they make a spear-point and a gladius machete which run around $20.

During the blackout I was staying with a girlfriend who lived in a brownstone, and at one point a marauding gang of hoods was looking for houses to break into on the block.  You can’t call the police because there is no phone service, so what to do?  Just grab a kitchen knife in each hand and get ready to run a double sewing maching on them should they break in.  Lucky for them, they robbed the house next door. lol

So that’s that.  You know what else annoys me about NYC?  The whole idea of “highway maintenance,” which is another scam.  They’ve been working on the BQE for the last 10 years and by the time they finish it they will have to start all over again.  The Germans build highways that last 100 YEARS without maintenance but we in NYC build highways that last ONE YEAR.  You ever watch them pave a street?  You ever want to fall over laughing just watch them sometimes.  Now here comes the kicker: can you imagine that EVERY DAY FOR TEN YEARS MILLIONS OF PEOPLE suffer traffic delays so a HANDFUL of idiots can get paid to do “highway maintenance?”

But NYC has always been corrupt and gangster.  You guys should all pick up the book “The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld ” by Herbert Asbury.

Some people bash this book, but they are damn fools and certainly not from NYC.  Some Japanese guy expat living in Manhattan said to me the other night at a bar “Where are you from?  I have never heard your accent before.”  I replied, “This is a real Manhattan accent.  You never heard it before because almost nobody is from here these days.”




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