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I promised in a previous post to give men real reasons to hate on women, as opposed to juvenile shit like hating on them because they like cock.  PUAs who hate on women for liking cock and having a large number of sexual partners is the most beta shit ever because these PUAs feel deep down that they cannot satisfy women, or measure up to other men from her past.

Another thing that bothers them, is just pure sexual jealousy.  It isn’t that they are jealous of the dicks she ran in her pussy all these years before them, they are jealous of how easy it is for women to get sexual access, as opposed to how hard it is for them.  Hell, they had to study PUA and work their assess off with hundreds of approaches and subsequent rejections – and even with their skill level, the can’t get 9s and 10s every other day.  A beautiful woman can literally get sex anytime, anywhere, from male 9s and 10s, and this access to sexual satisfaction is what infuriates men who suffer under the incessant whip of testosterone to pursue satisfaction that is often impossible to attain.  The sexual starvation of men makes them hate women and want to punish women for having it so easy.  It’s only natural really…  If you were always starving (horny and can’t get laid), and had to work super hard (study PUA) to eat once a week and then the food didn’t event taste good (woman is 7 or below)… and now you see some person (women) where the most delicious food is brought to them every single day and they can gorge themselves to their hearts content… well, you’d probably want to kill them. LOL!

So when men know or suspect a woman has had a lot of prior sexual partners, they start to freak out.  Of course, most PUAs won’t admit this.  Instead, they will point to some PUA “science” that says women who have had lots of sexual partners will have the tendency to cheat, whereas one who has not had lots of sexual partners won’t do so.  Sure, because maybe the ones who took a lot of cock have a standard to measure your sexual ineptitude against!

Personally, I don’t care much about cheating because I have a different definition of what cheating really is.  Most people define cheating as fucking someone else other then you main partner, while not informing your main partner of your extracurricular fucking.  I don’t really subscribe to this definition.  For me, cheating is literally CHEATING YOUR PARTNER OUT OF SOMETHING.   For example, if a woman you are with is not fulfilling your every sexual fantasy, then she is cheating you.  Also, if a woman is holding back some part of herself, sexually or emotionally – then she is cheating you.  She’s either cheating you out of an experience or out of a part of herself.

So you don’t cheat “on someone,” you cheat them “out of something.”

What’s interesting, is that cheating your partner out of something causes them to cheat on you one day – or just break up the relationship.

For example, I’ve run across a lot of gorgeous, sexual women in my life who had divorces behind them and all sorts of drama.  In all cases, they blamed their divorces on their man “cheating on them.”  If you are an average bear, when you look at these stunners you either wonder who would cheat on them, or else you begin to subscribe to this ultimate female projection of their own sluttiness:  “Men are all dogs.”

But upon further discussion with these stunners, you will always find that they refused to do certain sexual things with their man.  Like they refused to swallow or take it up the ass or whatever.  And they wondered why their men cheated on them?  As a friend of mine once told me, “If I need to get my asshole licked someone is going to be licking it.  I’d rather it was my girl, but if she won’t do it…”

What’s fucked up is that these women who “got cheated on” had some man in their past for whom they did do all these nasty things.   But they wouldn’t do it for their husband.  So they are the ones who cheated, really. Now why do you think that is?  Why do you think sex dries up for most men the moment they get married?

PUA “scientists” will come up with all these bullshit reasons like “the man stopped being alpha” or “we are evolutionarily wired to go into family mode” and all this crap.  Here is the ugly, ugly truth…  Are you ready?


No fucking way!  That can’t be true!  We had amazing sex before we were married!  Sure… whatever Scooter…  you just don’t get how a woman can rationalize anything.  The type of men who really get a woman to surrender are almost always inappropriate for marriage.  They are real men, and a law unto themselves.   Marriage is in complete opposition to their personal sovereignty – they want no part of it.  But the woman needs to get married, because she needs to provide herself with financial security via proxy (you, lol) one way or another because once you sign that marriage contract you are her beast of burden, and if you want out of the contract there is a “termination fee” called alimony.  God forbid you have kids!

So in order to get you locked – in she will do whatever it takes.  She’ll drink your cum out of her pussy with a hose, tell you that you are the greatest stud ever, say she never had a vaginal orgasm before and doesn’t care about them anyway (lol).  Now this sort of ruse would be fine if her intent was to make you feel like a real man with the intent that it would actually turn you into one.  But she pulls off this ruse with the intent to get you to marry her.  Is this not real cheating?  A sexual trojan horse, is what  it is.  A trojan horse which is so convincing, because she actually deludes herself into believing she is in fact a giant wooden horse -  until her mission is accomplished and her soldiers start spilling out and destroying your life.  Even while your very existence is being pillaged, she will be sitting around saying, “No, I love him I’ve just been working soooo hard and I’m too tired to have sex.”

What’s interesting is she was never tired before marriage…  what a mystery!  Not really, when you understand women…  sex dries up the moment you get married for the same reason 30% of fathers are not actually the real fathers!  Now THAT’S cheating!

Men, having come from a woman, are at a a biological disadvantage when it comes to seeing just how inherently evil women can be.  It has been said that no man can be as cruel as a woman, and in my next blog post I will talk about the cruel and sadistic aspects of women that are rarely spoken about, because men refuse to grow up and continue to insist on seeing women as extensions of their own mothers – unable to fathom how a “goddess” who represents birth and unconditional love could also be a foaming fountain of cruelty.





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