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When a woman gets out of college her sexual needs often take second place to her goal of finding a man whom she can ALSO get married and make babies with!  In short, a sucker.  Until she is 40, divorced (possibly), and already had a child… Then suddenly she becomes sane again – a pure sexual being seeking pleasure like she did “in college.” It’s so beautiful… and why I often find relating to many women between 25-40 a bit of a challenge.

A woman between 25-30 has so many options! So much choice! But she better choose quickly!  Once she hits 30 it’s already game over in the marriage/babies department and she’s even more dangerous due to desperation.  Dangerous because she will start using sex as the lure by offering it instead of witholding it.  Make sure you use a condom to avoid “accidents.” Until she hits 40 when the game of “find the sucker” finally comes to a grinding halt.

And the whole thing is a tad retarded given that the odds she will end up divorced are 70% in a place like NYC and the odds are close to 100% that SHE will initiate said divorce!  She’d be better off spending her energy learning which dogs make the best companions. lol

Here is how she works her racket: when men approach her or vice versa, she makes like she wants “something more” then she did “in college.”  She also acts like her pussy is some treasure, and feigns “purity.”  After all, what guy would marry a woman who said she slept with a ton of guys?  This knowledge makes men cringe, but why?  Because marriage HAD to be based around the notion of PURITY instead of LOVE.  Why?  Because genuine love is not only rare, but when you genuinely love someone you won’t want to put them in a cage!

But genuine love is rare because we live in a trauma-based society where children have horrid birth experiences, aren’t held by their mothers after they are born, etc.  Most of us never receive enough love due to birth traumas, circumcision, and shitty parenting.  So we look to our partners to fill needs that can never be filled by them.

So marriage got constructed around purity and the very concept of purity is utterly insane except in a world filled with armored human beings.   Pussies and cocks are meant to connect in a wet mess.  There is nothing dirty about it, so therefore purity is a made up, insane notion.

But the ruse works on the majority of men who have been damaged by their mothers, and victims of a society that promotes shows like “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “King of Queens” as role models for manhood.

Is waking up to this your life’s ambition…

So what the woman 25-30 does is she has a “list” of qualities for a potential sucker and screens you against this list while you are on a “date.”  At the end of the night, she doesn’t go home – she goes off to ride some real man’s cock (or rides her rabbit vibrator).  Who is the sucker?  You are!

But she is the real fool at the end of the day.  Why do you think the divorce rate is so high?  One of the reasons is she allows herself to marry a man she FUNDAMENTALLY HAS ZERO RESPECT FOR.  What REAL MAN would allow himself to get played like that?  She may get every item on her “list,” but will always be dreaming of that real man’s cock she used to ride after her “dates” with you.  This is the virus at the bottom of her hindbrain that will eat its’ way to her forebrain which will serve  you with divorce papers one day in the not-so-distant future.

The solution?  Call women out on their bullshit and don’t allow them to view you as anything less then a sexual being with an ever-replenishing volume increase, first-and-foremost!




Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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