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One thing I like to do in front of women I am out on a date with is urinate in public.  Use this one with caution, but it’s magic!  For example, if your girl really has class this will not be a good idea.  But the reality is that very few women have class, they just fake it.  To be honest, they have no idea what it even is.

But for the 99% of girls out there without class, this is what you do: when out on a date with a girl and you have to go to the bathroom, just say “excuse me” or “hold on,” turn away or pull your ass up to a post, whip out your cock and start pissing.  You want to turn away from her at least 90 degrees and be at least a certain distance away from her but in such a way that the rest of the general public can see you.  Then, begin to urinate with a big smile on your face.

She will probably freak out at first, but then it will change to admiration and she will change from calling you a homeless bum to a tomcat!

Public urination, assuming you are sober, requires confidence that most men don’t have.  If you can’t relax, you can’t pee – so if you pee, it is biological proof that you are utterly relaxed about your dominance.

The pic below demonstrates massive confidence, even though he is most probably drunk…

Peeing in public on first dates also gives you an excuse to show her your cock and get her aroused.  Just check out the expressions on the faces of these two chicks in the above pic!   The one on the left (our left) can’t wait to swallow every drop of that guys cum later on that night, and the one on the right hasn’t seen enough cocks in her life yet.  It’s like she is in sex ed class staring at the dude’s member.  As a further note, have you ever seen women not in love with the camera?  These two have chosen a urinating cock over camera whoring.  Such is the power of public urination!

Not to mention that many women have a fetish for being pissed on, just like many have a fetish for an extreme ejaculation.  If she does, you’ve just triggered guaranteed sex.  The good thing about having to take a piss, is that your cock usually is somewhat engorged, so your cock will never look small. ;)

Lots of men will balk at this post too, and it does help if you are actually not a dirtbag because then the contrast created by pissing in public will generate arousal as opposed to disgust.  Deep down inside, guys should remember that women are far dirtier then men.  Talk to anyone who cleans restrooms in office buildings and they will tell you that the women’s bathrooms are absolute pig-stys.

Also, lots of women are jealous of the fact we can piss in public so easily and ultimately – look elegant doing it.  This is how most women look when they attempt to copy us…

You know this one loves it up the ass – hard!



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