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So I walked into a Cantonese restaurant  today and there was no room, so in typical Cantonese fashion they sat me in a free seat at a group table.  There were 3 guys at the table.  Total losers.  I was trying to find an image in Google Images to represent just how pathetic they were but couldn’t find one so I opted for this one to pay homage to how sorry they were.  The one on the left is hot and prompts me to spontaneously increase semen volume for a future ejaculation onto her open, Maria Ozawa-ish countenance.  The one in the middle looks like Tori Black, and the one on the right looks like…

… ah, the point is that these guys were such tools.  I think they had good jobs and one of them was decent looking, but they all had that aura of scumbaggishness.  Not like they were conscious scumbags or sociopaths, they just had nothing to contribute to life whatsoever, no opinions of their own, totally spineless…  it was this lack of manliness combined with arrogance that crafted their unique flavor of scumbaggery and you couldn’t trust them for shit.

So finally one of them starts stammering about how he is trying to fuck some girl and keeps failing.  Like, he goes out with her on dates and too each other’s houses and he can’t fuck her.  What a tool.  Many guys are like tigers who were adopted, so no adult tigers taught them how to kill.

I really wanted to tell him a thing or two but I didn’t like him.  So I kept my mouth shut.  But what follows is what I wanted to say:

If a woman spends any time with you on her own volition, there are only 2 possible reasons for it.

1.She is attracted to you.  She may deny it, you may not match up to her “list,” she may not be conscious about it, and you may not fit into her lifestyle and plans for the future – but she IS attracted to you.

2.She is using you.  For money, for companionship, out of boredom – who knows!

So basically, if a woman is with you she wants you to fuck her or else she is a user you need to drive out of your life.  Maybe you will convert some of the type 2 girls into type 1 girls in the process – who knows?  But how to do this?  It’s the same method for both types…

Sheer sexual aggression.

There are so many ways to display your sexual aggression.  Like in the case of this tool, when he is at her house or vice-versa, and finds himself getting aroused due to the buildup of the mutual sexual connection… all he needs to do is get up and go to the bathroom (he doesn’t even have to say where he is going), quickly strip naked and walk back into the room with a raging erection.

What is the woman going to say?  If she is attracted to you, she’ll probably start sucking your cock without even being told.  Hell, with no witnesses what woman would turn down a good cock?  If she is just a user, she will either convert immediately into a lover or else freak out, in which case you can kick her out of your life – but with the knowledge she will totally respect you going forward.

Of course there is a 3rd possibility…  She could have serious mental problems or other neurotic conflicts.  So either your sexual aggression will push her through them and cure her, or else she will freak out – and you will once again kick her out of your life with nothing but a suitcase packed with RESPECT.

That’s all there is to it.  There are many ways to erotically lay your cards on the table.  This is just one of them.

And for all you guys who keep putting angelic-looking women on a pedestal, here is a picture of Maria Ozawa (I’m a big fan) drinking guys’ piss.  No doubt all the guys who put a PORNSTAR on a pedestal (how dumb is that) freaked when she started doing this stuff in movies. lol



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