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September 2nd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So here I am down at this place called Le Petite Abeille or some shit like that.  I am too lazy to turn around and figure out exactly how to spell it.  I just ordered a Hoegaarden and I think I spelled that correctly.  It’s labor day weekend which is pretty fucking awesome because it is fall and the insane NYC summer is finally over.  Normally people run away this weekend, but I spied an insane amount of pussy on the Hiline.  Then again, that is a tourist trap and all the pussy was chuck grade if not soup grade.

There is also this festival called Electric Zoo that is being held on Randall’s Island, but I watched two groups of girls on their way and they were absolutely disgusting.  When your “statistical sample” is that bad you can extrapolate it to the whole community.  This pic of Brittany kind of captures what they all looked like except they wore short-shorts instead of sweat pants, and they were all mouth-breathers.

What’s really interesting is that trance events in Eastern Europe are filled with hotties and public sex, while the house/techno scene (trance was short-lived in this country due to the over-prescription of SSRIs) in America is filled with real rejects and drug abuse.

It only makes sense, as all these gross loser chicks need to numb themselves to the fact that even though they are disgusting, their daddy/uncle/brother still porked them on a regular basis with a cock as big as a lightpost. Talk about life adding insult to injury!

When it comes to sex America is a miserable place, and I discussed this with a friend outside on the street today as those twats twaddled on by.  We are both German, and consequently are attracted to the diabolical.  The German mind is a great mind, when it isn’t burdened by shame and neurosis.

My friend just came back from Quebec where he is from and totally raved about the women in Quebec City and Montreal.

He said the the women in Toronto are all fat and farmer ancestry now fed on a steady diet of high-fructose corn syrup.

Speaking of diet, I had a hair analysis done recently as I probably mentioned before, and I was eating way too many copper-containing foods.  So I had to cut out my copper supplementation, and my cashew-eating habits along with eating liver.  In place of those devils I eat pumpkin seeds which are high in bio-available zinc.  Hopefully it should stop my hair from falling out.  I don’t have any bald spots or a receding hairline, it is just falling out everywhere equally and while it grows back, it is falling out a little faster then it is being replaced.  Hopefully a few months of pounding pumpkin seeds will do the trick as well as give me even more massive ejaculations.



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