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You know what a lot of men do is they demand shit from women when it comes to getting their emotional needs met.  This is one of the most suicidal things to do because women love strength.  Realistically, you can have no weakness with women.  Sometimes it is cool to cry, like when someone dies, or it’s a sad movie, etc.  It is great to show the capacity for sensitivity – especially when it is juxtaposed against the fact that you bench press 315 for reps and have a well-chiseled, masculine visage.

But back to demanding shit from bitches… when I was a child I had a friend whose my mom would freak out when it was time for his dad to come home, and drop what she was doing and go sit in a chair quietly and wait for him to come home – so that when he walked in she would be like “sitting there waiting for him.”  When I questioned her on this strangeness, she was just like: “He likes it that way or he gets upset.”

Now what the fuck was that all about?  How controlling.  Naturally, now that my friend’s father is older he cannot understand why his wife doesn’t listen to him and doesn’t really respect him.

I have another friend who flat-out said to me in an indignant tone: “I have needs and I am not going to apologize for the fact that I need things from my wife that my mom didn’t give to me.”  He also wonders why his marriage is in the toilet.

Generally speaking, men love to demand all this shit from women under the refrain, “I’m the king of my castle.”  The problem is, they don’t live in a castle and they aren’t a king…

What men need to do is ask for nothing from a woman in order to get everything.  This is a paradox, I know.  You must fake it until you can take it and the good news is that it really doesn’t take that long.

Here is the trick: Every woman will say she doesn’t want to be your mom, but what she really means is that she doesn’t want to nurture a little boy.  She wants to nurture a man.  So the irony is that if you are a real man, then she will become your mom.  You don’t have to do all that much to be perceived as a man, as long as you don’t do shit to be perceived as a boy.

So beta males and little boys see this motherly love that a woman gives to a real man and since they are lacking this from their childhoods, they naturally demand it from women – and then are perplexed when women are disgusted by them.  They don’t understand that this motherly love is only given to those who (ironically) got plenty of it in childhood and so grew up to be real men.

If the woman doesn’t just flat out dump your ass or cheat on you or something with a guy who knows how to increase sperm production, the other horror scenario is that she literally becomes your mother, but loses all sexual interest in you.  I mean, mothers don’t fuck their sons – at least not usually. lol




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