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September 1st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I was dancing until late last night, as well as advising a friend on why he has to get rid of his useless girlfriend.  My point is always this: a woman should build you up and not tear you down.  When she walks down the street with you or sits next to you in a club, she should drape her body and energy on you like a snake wrapped around your body.  Here are two images that come to mind:

If you look around in your life, you won’t see this sort of interaction between men and women, where the woman telegraphs to the entire world that her man – IS THE MAN.

This doesn’t just apply to how she positions her body in relation to yours, but everything she does should reinforce your masculinity.  In that regard, if you are reasonably decent in the sack and your girl never has an orgasm, you need to dump her ass immediately.  Nothing is more detrimental to your sense of masculinity then a woman not having an orgasm.   Not only because you are unable to feel your own power in that sphere, but because she will ultimately blame you and take action.

Another idea that I like to communicate which I learned from Shantam Nityama which is that men are vulnerable in their hearts while women are vulnerable in their pussies.  Society teaches you the opposite, like women are vulnerable in their heart but have an iron pussy and can take dick all day.  Just because a woman can be a mother and love her child unconditionally doesn’t mean anything about the quality of her heart because you are not her child.  You are either a source of orgasms or finances.  But since most men are just looking for their mother in a woman, they make this deadly mistake.  Meanwhile, they assume their heart is strong until their “woman” starts implanting poison into it and destroying them.  Women are just as stupid because they take semen volume from endless losers, and allow their subconscious to be programmed with all sorts of garbage while they are getting dug out.   One thing Alexyss K Tylor keeps stressing is that men and women need to be a bit more selective about their sexual and romantic partners so that they don’t pile more issues on top of the issues they already have.

Even if you never want to get married, choosing the right woman to get involved with is one of the most important decisions you make in life.  More important then what you do for a living.  Getting involved with the wrong woman can land your ass in jail, like it did a friend of mine.

Anyway, I woke massively late today and wish I could sleep all day.  Alas, I must get to work and go back to working out tonight in the gym.  Trap bar deadlifts and cable chest work is on the menu.  Now I’ve got to head to the post office and drink some more raw milk and colostrum.  Yum!




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