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April 1st, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

It has come to my attention of late via a mutual friend that women have “fantasy boyfriend leagues” just as men enjoy their “fantasy football leagues.”

The FBL is nothing more than a masturbation rotation for females populated with guys they didn’t have the balls to take an emotional risk with.  It’s quite hysterical, and funny to throw out in the midst of conversation with a woman and observe her reaction.

Anywho… as my training partner (bodybuilding) is fond of saying, most couplings you see are “settlement issues.”  The problem is that women mistakenly believe that there are only 2 types of men out there:

1.The player.

2.The good guy.

I prefer the terms “sucker” and “fucker” but I am a bit more raw and honest than most.  What happens is after a woman has gotten her heart broken by a player too many times because said player fucked her sister and her best friend – and her butthole is in a perpetual state of post-gape slack from the player’s incessant anal invasions, she ends up trawling about for a “good guy” on sites like Plenty of Fish or some other dating site.

FYI, the minimum age to be affected by the post-gape blues is around 29.

The problem with this ridiculous strategy is that a woman can never be happy with “the good guy” and will just end up making his life hell while she takes personal trainer cock on the sly.  There are girls at my gym, for example, who are married to guys out of family obligation, for money, or green cards who are just frustrated as hell trying to set up extracurricular cock.

Why do this to yourself as a woman?  The reality is that there are players out there who will only play with you – meaning, they won’t cheat on you.  But, you’ll have to take some emotional risks in order to find them.  So take a good look at the guys in your FBL and take them out of rotation and into reality.

What’s the worst that can happen?  You’ll gape a little more and whistle in the wind? lol


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