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So the other day I saw this post on rape culture on some blog and got into a bit of a Facebook flame war (FFW).

We don’t have a rape culture. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Most men lack the balls and confidence to be dominant leaders in their intimate relationships, let alone rape a woman. Every TV sitcom and the majority of advertisements portray men as stupid and weak. Where is this culture that promotes rape? A few obscure vodka ads that never saw the light of day PRECISELY because they promoted rape? Some fetish internet site perhaps? This is not a CULTURE of rape. This bullshit is just a way for women to further emasculate men.

The problem is the word “culture.” In America we have a culture of eating crap until we are obese. We also have a culture of thinking the rest of the world doesn’t matter. But a culture of rape? It could be argued that South Africa has a culture of rape, since they are statistically the rape capital of the world, as well as the infant rape capital of the world. This is in part because their native “muti medicine” tells people that you can cure AIDS by raping those who don’t have it. Like babies. THAT is a culture of rape.

As far as the 80% of women who have experienced some degree of sexual violation… I suspect these 80% were not raped and people are using “sexual violation” to cover a broad range of stuff.

If we are going to decry a culture of rape, then in the same breath we should decry a culture of prostitution which provokes men to steal that which is being sold to them at an unconscionable price, should we not? After all, do men who get laid on a regular basis go out and rape women? Do they pull out their cocks and masturbate in front of women in the subway car? So what we are looking at are symptoms of starvation and frustration, and need to look at the culture that is promoting this sort of thing, rather than basically say in so many words “all men are rapists.”

We clearly do not have a culture of rape because raping women is NOT a characteristic of members of American society. This statistical reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics shows that Australia and the Sudan are far worse than the US, which is on par with Belgium (WTF?) and England (understandable lolz). South Africa gets it’s own section! lol

Rape is first and foremost a crime of sex. Naturally, there is the element of power, control, and violence in rape, but these are secondary to the sexual aspects of rape, and only natural given the circumstances. Men who rape need to attain an erection in order to rape. If rape was just a crime of violence, as so many feminists love to bleat about, then rapists would be happy just punching their victims in the face and moving on. Why take out your penis and do all that messy business? It’s like if you didn’t have anything to eat, you’d get really hostile and go beat someone up and take their food. But that would be a crime of starvation more so than a crime of power, control and violence.

We may have a culture that PROMOTES rape, but we do not have a CULTURE OF rape. Critical distinction and if you want to stop rape, you need to get this.

Men need to stop feeling guilty for being men. We need sex, we are aggressive – and yes, that aggression is something that is supposed to be used to protect the feminine. But HERE is the catch: you need to be feminine first so men will channel their sexual aggression into protecting you. Otherwise, you may find them raping you.

Facts are facts. The United States does not have a culture of rape – meaning, rape is promoted as acceptable. Most countries, with the exception of South Africa and Japan, don’t have this sort of culture.  In Japan you have an incredible amount of rape porn, rape comics, and many Japanese women think you must be a homosexual if you don’t take them by force.

Naturally, women do get raped in the United States, and violent criminal rape is a really fucked up crime that creates lasting trauma. It is not the “erotic rape” or “soft rape” that so many enjoy.  But women get raped all over the world, and not just in the United States. So do men. Just pay a visit to any prison and ask the inmates.  But the fact that some feminist’s neighbor got raped, or she feels she can’t lie in the nude in public sans harassment (preposterous), or has a phobia that a dentist is going to mouth-rape you while she is under anaesthesia (seriously, what dentist does this?), does NOT mean we have a culture that promotes rape.

What we do have is a culture that CREATES THE SPACE for rape to happen. This is because we have a culture that it totally sex-negative, where sex is turned into a commodity, etc. – and this creates a psychic starvation which engenders sexual violence.

For all the whining, I never hear anyone ask the most important question which is “Why is that?” When the question is answered for you, the person answering it is told he is an “upstanding member of rape culture.” No wonder no progress is ever made…

Isn’t it funny that a NYT article this year reported that research has demonstrated that being raped is the #1 sexual fantasy of women? Of course, I am assuming that they don’t want to be raped by a homeless man, or a pack of migrant workers. Nope, they want to be raped by an Armani model, probably.

Now clearly the root of this powerful fantasy is the female desire to surrender. Women have trouble doing this because most of them grow up in traumatic families and consequently don’t feel safe to be feminine. If you hate your femininity, forget about surrendering to anything except a corporate job which will pimp the life out of you in the name of being “strong and independent.” So women basically walk around the world as men. But deep inside they wish they could surrender to their buried femininity, and this innate desire manifests as rape fantasy.

Well, women aren’t the only ones who suffer by denying their femininity and failing to surrender! A man’s psychic health is predicated on finding a feminine woman and convincing her to surrender to him. Since such women are few and far between in our trauma-based culture, is it any shock that men gravitate towards fantasies of rape with the same fervor that women do, or that porn is filled with non-stop anal sex to the degree that one might as well be watching gay porn? I mean, if a woman wants to be a man, I might as well fuck her like a man, right? I’ll take submission in lieu of surrender, I suppose…

My point is unless feminists wake up and look at the root causes of the suffering they constantly whine about, nothing will ever change.

Asking WHY a group of Indian men recently raped a girl with a crowbar and tore her guts out, killing her, is a question that really needs to be answered!  Is there something totally fucked up in Indian culture that gives men the idea that this horror is somehow okay?

These questions desperately need to be answered!

The last thing we need is men to be less masculine, because then there will be nobody to rouse women from their sleep. But go ahead, keep parroting nonsense about how men are either rapists or part of a rape culture. Make them hate their natural sexual aggression. Go ahead and make them second-guess their natural tendency to take the lead, make the first move, push the woman out of her comfort zone…

Over-and-over I’ve seen the biggest misogynists do an instant 180 the moment they run into a truly feminine women with integrity. Rather than abuse or violate her, their natural instincts to protect came to the surface immediately. If you asked them about it, they would immediately say, “but she is a real soft, feminine, loving woman who deserves my protection.”

It’s like when women see a man who isn’t present in his masculinity. They have instant contempt for him and try to rape him psychically. It’s absolutely disgusting. But nobody ever talks about it…

There is a great line in an old animated series (late 80s?) from MTV called “The Maxx,” where the female lead says, “Sometimes ‘no’ really means ‘yes,’ but no man who has ever pulled himself off a crying woman has ever had any doubt as to what she meant.”

That’s the thing… you can’t repress the life force by teaching kids they should always ask permission before doing something, i.e. “can I kiss you,” etc. What woman honestly wants a man to ask her if it is okay to kiss her?

The solution is not to turn down the volume on the masculine, but rather to turn up the volume on the feminine.

Most women are out of touch with their feminine self just as most men are out of touch with their masculine self. Let me address how this MAY apply:

1. Women have great intuition, yet most shut it off and wander around waiting to be victimized. Consequently, they think it is okay to dress very sexual, attend a party filled with high-testosterone athletes, get wasted… then cry when something happens. But when you bring this up, they will scream that they should have the right to cock-tease a pack of drunken jocks without incident. Incredible. Well, I also believe I should have the right to cover myself in pig’s blood and cavort inside a tiger cage without incident, but if I did such a thing I would be handed a Darwin Award. Now I am not suggesting it is a-ok to rape the above-mentioned woman. But, I am suggesting women need to get out of their heads and back into their bodies and they will not only avoid most trouble, but often trouble won’t go after them in the first place.

2. If a woman really fears being raped, she should go purchase 2 very good knives and carry them on her at all times. She can go take some classes on how to fight with them. An embodied woman with a knife and the will to use it is absolutely terrifying. Problem solved, and no judge is going to be very hard on a woman who stabs a potential rapist.

The bottom line is that sexual aggression in men is normal and natural.  Even “date rape” is a serious gray areas in this regard.  But bona-fide rape – committing violent sexual assaults that often cause permanent damage in females is not only totally fucked up, but a reflection of something VERY seriously wrong in society that needs to be investigated before it can be corrected.

Energetically castrating men is not the answer…


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