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March 12th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

My friend sent me this article the other day.  The title of the article is: “Women’s preferences for men’s scents associated with testosterone and cortisol levels: Patterns across the ovulatory cycle.”  Here is the abstract:

Women in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle show an enhanced sexual preference for masculine expressions in behavioral, morphological and scent traits. These masculinity preferences may be associated with testosterone (T) levels in males and hence connote male quality as a sire. Thus, a scent preference of fertile-phase women for T is predicted. A recent study, however, found no evidence for this, but reported that women prefer the scent of men with high cortisol (C). That study had low power to detect the predicted effect, as well as other methodological limitations. We tested women’s preferences across their ovulatory cycle for the body scent of men who varied in T and C, using a larger sample of men and methods used in research on cycle preferences for symmetry-related male body scent. Conception risk in the cycle positively predicted women’s scent ratings of men’s T; scent ratings of C or T × C interaction were not robustly related to conception risk. Conception risk is related positively to a preference for scent of men’s symmetry. This preference is distinct from that arising from a preference for the scent of T. The male-emitted chemical(s) responsible for these preferences shifts across women’s cycle remain unknown.

What a strange study!  Do you really believe that women are more interested in the scent of high cortisol levels than the scent of high testosterone?  High cortisol levels aren’t even good for.  I don’t know what to make of it.  However, I can theorize that gender relations are so bad women are attracted to men who are easy to dominate?

Anyway, this article reinforces some other facts, such as the fact that women smell symmetry and that this is more powerful than testosterone and cortisol cues.  So if you want to check your symmetry try uploading your picture and having it analyzed here.

I found this hysterical video on youtube the other day which had me laughing through the entire length of the video:


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