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March 18th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

There is surely nothing natural about St. Patrick’s day with respect to male enhancement.  Today was one of those days I just couldn’t concentrate.  I tried to do work – failed.  I tried to go to the gym – failed.  The energy outside is just insane.  So I figured let me surrender to what is moving around inside of me and go outside.  Little did I know all roads today lead to failure. lol

I step outside.  My neighborhood is bar central. I have never seen so many fucking people.  A damned sea of green.  Pools of vomit.  Cops on 34th Street hitting people with truncheons.  St. Patrick’s day fell on a Saturday and all hell broke loose.  But I figured I could at least get laid with all these women everywhere.  Fat chance.  Nobody is hooking up, just girls vomiting and guys punching the sides of city buses as they drive on past.  Most of the girls are damn sloppy to boot.  Like most girls in NYC, they look hot until you come up close then you ask yourself if you really want those hands around your cock.  The answer as usual is “no.”

The two girls I saw that were open to approach and radiating sex… the moment I engage guys come at me to attack.  It’s pathetic.  But I will go out again later tonight and see if I can put these cum pills I took to good use. lol

Never give up!



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