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March 19th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

The last 3 weeks or so I’ve been noticing I am shooting bigger loads then usual.  Looking back at what could possibly be causing this, I think it is because I started rubbing magnesium oil into my skin every day to the tune of 1000mg of magnesium chloride a day.  They say that when you rub it into your skin and absorb it transdermally, that it raises your DHEA levels and this allows you to increase semen, obviously.

Magnesium chloride clearly does a whole lot of other things that will translate into more cum, but the DHEA levels going up is a big factor.

Springtime is also approaching and it is approaching early, so just like the trees go into bloom prematurely, I think my body is making more semen because it wants to knock some woman up.  I certainly don’t want to, but my body probably does.  Knocking up women is suicidal in this economy, and to make sure I’ve gone back to condom usage, but I use lambskin condoms – not because I am allergic to latex, but because you can pass the heat and energy from your cock into the woman with natural materials as opposed to latex.  Without that heat and energy, she will never really feel you inside of her.



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