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March 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Thursday night is a big night in NYC and I was out-and-about but the weather sucked.  Even though I took my male enhancement pills at lunch I was just down-and-out and feeling sorry for myself.  I sat in Whole Foods in Tribeca and just studied stuff on my laptop.  I was dressed sharp, looking good, but the thought of walking into a bar and talking to women was just the furthest thing from my mind.  Maybe it was because I was so horny that I shot one of my bigger loads this morning watching some hot porn and so I didn’t have enough “vibration” going on down below… I’m not so sure…  I was also at the strip club last night (maybe why I was super horny this morning) until 3am and that was a lot of fun.  I spent probably $5 in the club but chatted up the hottest stripper in the club for most of the night.  Business just sucks in this city lately.  Strippers aren’t making money, the delicious $5/meal Halal food cart isn’t even making money.  There are dark clouds on the horizon and the reality is that survival trumps sex all of the time.  It’s actually why game is so hard in this town.  Who wants to fuck when they are hustling to pay rent? lol



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