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December 9th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

If any television show inspires going to the gym and an increase in male ejaculation volume it is Spartacus on STARZ.  Here is the trailer for the new season:

I really can’t wait for this season to start.  America needs a show to increase libido and testosterone because we have become a nation of pussies.  Investment bankers rob people of all their money and not a single person rises up to do a damn thing about it.  I think the worst that happened was some ibanker punched the CEO of Lehman Brothers in the mouth in the company gym when he found out the firm was going under due to these crooks.

Spartacus is a great story which has so much to draw upon from history too so it isn’t like they have to make tons of shit up all the time.  Not that making shit up is a bad thing… HBO’s “Rome” was entirely made up except for the existence of those two centurions and the fact they both crossed paths with Julius Caesar.  The show otherwise was entirely made up and possibly the greatest television show of all time.  They even had a gladiatorial scene which blew away anything ever depicted in Spartacus.

But ultimately Spartacus is not about a story nor character development.  It is about sex and struggle and violence and the desire to for liberty.  This is just what America needs as the times grow darker.



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