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December 10th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Those who know me will know that I used the term natural male enhancement to describe anything that enhances your sexual market value.  One of those things that is super critical is fashion.  This is especially so in New York City, where people don’t drive around and use their cars to demonstrate their value.

So how does one go about demonstrating their male potency via the clothes they wear?  The most important thing you need to do as a guy is get your hairstyle in order.  Find someone who cuts hair for fashion shoots professionally and arrange for them to give you private haircuts.  It’s cheaper then an expensive salon with a chair, and the cut is better.

Next, women actually are attracted to stubble.  They will say that it scratches or that you should look clean shaven, but I have tested this over-and-over and the stubble wins every time.  As does longish hair.  Not too long and no poneytail bullshit, just longish.

Now we get to clothes.  The most important thing is uniqueness.  Rock star is unique, but you don’t have to go rockstar if it isn’t you.  The next most important thing is your coat and your shoes.  Spend money on those because they are the first things a woman sees.

Finally, look at the mannequins in stores and literally copy them.  You simply can’t go wrong in this manner.




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