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February 21st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

My friend sent my this link today, because he knows about what I do here.  The great, good work of providing people with enhanced sexual enjoyment.  So they’ve got a $30 home test so you can test your semen volume in the privacy of your own home.  Do I sense endless youtube tomfoolery on the way?  Maybe I should include a test with every kit or something?  I mean, this sort of thing is meant for couples trying to get preggers, but it also has a ton of other uses.

I am enjoying my week off from the gym as usual, and will head down to St. Mark’s Place (8th Street) later for some Japanese with friends.   I was reading on Facebook today that some California legislators want to force condom usage in porn films.  What the hell is that all about?  Does anyone actually use condoms anyway?  I know people buy them, but usually it is just so that when a girl asks you if you have a condom you can say “yes” while proceeding to fuck her without one anyway.  Considering this has happened to my friends and I innumerable times, I can only conclude that women like condoms even less then men.  About the only thing a condom is good for is preventing pregnancy.



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