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February 23rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Spring weather like we enjoyed today is one way to boost virility, because all these hot women come out of nowhere.  It’s also a little frustrating, because as the sight of all these lovely ladies combines with the warm weather to increase semen, one comes to realize that there is something really wrong with women in Manhattan.

For example, today I opened 10 sets of women while going about my business.  This is unheard of, because I can’t remember having ever seen so many viable targets in one day. All were hot and in their 20s, but I only had success with 40% of the sets.   What is curious about the sets is the demographic breakdown of each set:

2 Russians
1 Russian
1 Cambodian*
2 Latinos

1 White
1 White
1 White
1 White, 1 ABC (American Born Chinese)
1 White
1 White

Can you see the pattern?  American women suck as community scholars such as Roissy have been saying forever.  But here is what I noticed… and you will have to take my word for it:  all the American women were very attracted to me.  The problem was their incredible discomfort with sex, and with interaction with an alpha male in general.  They just could not handle it.

*Even the set with the Cambodian began with me opening her White American friend, who totally froze and turned into an anxiety-ridden retard.  Her Cambodian friend quickly jumped in and took over the set while her friend remained tongue-tied in the corner.

What causes this?  All the women I had success with had one thing in common, which the failures didn’t.  The women were feminine.  They weren’t trying to be men.  This isn’t the only issue behind their retardation, naturally, but it is an important piece of the puzzle.



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