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February 21st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I just bought a new Toshiba laptop for $400 from Best Buy.  It’s amazing how cheap laptops have become – especially when you realize that you don’t need the most powerful gear out there.  We still suffer from a situation where software has not caught up with hardware.

The most important thing when buying any computer is the amount of RAM.  It used to not be so important for Windows users as Windows could only access a limited amount of RAM, but these days it has all changed.  If you buy a desktop or a laptop, you should get 8 gigs of RAM.  You can always save money by getting 4 gigs and then buying another 4 gigs on newegg.com and this trick works especially well if you own a Mac, because Apple RAM costs so much and non-Apple RAM will work just as well.

Naturally if you want a laptop the lighter the better and the bigger the better.  Samsung is my favorite laptop company right now and also my favorite electronic everything company.  I used to be loyal to Sony but they screwed me repeatedly with so much proprietary junk that I disowned them no matter how nice their stuff looks.  Samsung looks just as good and you never have any problems with anything they make.



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