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February 10th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I made a male big load joke today that the restaurant chain Jack-in-the-Box should be called jackoff in da’ box! This is because apparently they have a bacon milkshake. WTF… I guess they got inspired by all those Epic Meal Time videos on youtube. Here is my favorite one:

I love zombie films which is why I love this clip so much. This weekend the next season of The Walking Dead is back on. I am so happy! I am also excited given how the last season ended. One of the things about The Walking Dead is the fact that there aren’t zombies and gore all the fucking time. They actually develop characters and the threat of zombies is more effective then constant zombies all the time.

These days films are more-and-more fucked up. I stopped watching some of them and I love horror and gore. I just don’t like human degradation films such as Human Centipede and Serbian Tale. It’s like some asshole sits around and thinks of the most fucked up shit because if it is fucked up enough, he’s guaranteed a certain amount of money just out of public curiosity.

The last film I saw like that was Frontiers and I just thought it was sadism just for the sake of it. Not cool at all.


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