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February 11th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

A lot of times when you are with a woman she will say shit like “Don’t cum in my mouth!” or something like that. That’s usually your cue to do it anyway. ;) Generally speaking a woman that you date should love semen. That way you can ejaculate where thou wilt and full express yourself.

It is true that shooting cum on a woman’s face is something every guy does because they see it in porno movies. While it is a good demonstration of male ejaculation volume, it is kinda’ lame because every other guy is doing it so the woman loses respect for you because she thinks your sexuality is conditioned as opposed to being wild and free.

So I would suggest you avoid doing shit that is really common. If you really shoot so much, you should rather have her lay down and cum all over her torso and then rub it in. It’s a lot hotter.

Naturally shooting in a woman’s hair is just a big pain in the ass because she’s going to run around with your dried wad and it will look ridiculous.

Ejaculating on her ass is a fine choice as well as you can shine up those buttocks with your slippery load.


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