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February 9th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

For those of you who are always working your ass off, you know that working really hard doesn’t help you to increase semen. Physical work is exhausting, and by physical work I don’t mean going to the gym. Lifting weights – especially doing heavy squats or other lifts, actually give you the capacity for large ejaculations later on that night.

I am talking about real physical work, which includes working as a waiter. Standing around all day as waiters do is very hard on your kidneys. So while it isn’t the same thing as hanging sheetrock, it is equally brutal over the long haul.

Another aspect of work and sex that is overlooked is the notion that really smart people who use their minds a lot often use sex to get out of their heads and back into their bodies. Since they are smart, and often use their brains to repress their feelings… they often are into some freaky sexual shit. So finding really smart girls is like finding a ballerina. They are all down for the weird so get the lube!

Naturally, some people who are smart as well as creative will channel that sexual energy and use it, so there will be no need to get out of their heads in such a manner. :)


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