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October 18th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

As I’ve probably mentioned before, New York City is useless for male ejaculation volume.  The native women are super cold and won’t make eye contact when they walk down the street.  They all complain then that they have no boyfriends and wonder why they run home to ride the rabbit to some online kink porn.  Of course, if you read Time Out NYC’s latest issue, they make out like everyone in this town is still getting laid like crazy like it was 1991.  Total bullshit.  Just like this place still carries the reputation as the “city that never sleeps.”  More bullshit.  I went to the gym at 2am to blast my deltoids last night and at 3am even the “24 hour” Pakistani joints were shutting down.

The exception to this happens to be places like Eataly on W23rd Street which I have reviewed before.  Since many girls there are tourists, I will have beautiful women making eye contact and smiling all the time at me.  It happens to me on the street quite often as well, but they are almost always women who don’t live here or else haven’t lived here for very long.

So this problem happens to be eating at my friend so he has decided to relocate to Arizona for the winter with the intent to do a permanent move.  He’s still keep his place in NYC, but spend most of his time over there.  I totally support this move: Arizona is filled with hot women who smile and talk to you wherever you are.

Why do you think the porn industry has started to transition to Arizona – at least for recruitment purposes.  Arizona is my favorite state so far and I absolutely love it there.  It is inexpensive, the sun always shines, there is no humidity and the women are fucking hot and friendly.  Last time I was there I didn’t want to come back.  So I really think he is making the right choice.

The only problem with Arizona is of course you can’t fuck around with drugs and shit.  I don’t, I’m just saying their Sheriff Joe Arpio is no joke.  I can’t blame  him really because if it wasn’t for him Arizona would be overrun with meth labs and Mexican gangs.  Phoenix still is the kidnapping capital of the country.  Scottsdale has the hottest chicks in its’ bars.  Naturally they are hunting for guys with cash, but what else is new?  Then during fashion week I met this beautiful little girl who was visiting with some friends and she said she was from Tucson.  She claims there is a real scene there.  I never heard of it but how would I fucking know anyways, right?  So maybe next time I am in Arizona I will message her on Facebook and ask her if she can introduce me to that scene.  So far I’ve only been to Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sedona.

Anyway, so I will end up visiting my friend a lot if and when he moves out there.  In the meantime, I will continue to talk to foreign girls in NYC who smile at me.



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