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So my braces come off in 2 months!  An xmas present to myself.  What the fuck am I doing with braces at my age?  When I was very young I had braces and my orthodontist fucked my bite up like they to do to millions of children.  Had I not done something drastic such as getting braces as an adult, the endless grinding produced by my bad bite would have destroyed my teeth completely over the next 10 years.  They are already incredibly ground down in the back.

Orthodontics alone has produced more ugliness then shitty mate selection and poor nutrition combined.  This is because most orthodontists do nothing but extract teeth and force the remaining teeth together to close the gaps and render them straight.  This causes the face and cheekbones to collapse, sleep/breathing disorders to occur, and chins to remain under-developed.  Lucky for me, I was born with extra teeth so the extractions I had didn’t collapse my face – they only destroyed my teeth.

If one desires orthodontic treatment, one needs to seek out an orthodontist who doesn’t believe in extractions and instead believes in expanding your arches via bone remodeling.

So since I was going to be in ridiculous-looking braces for so long, I made sure that in addition to correcting my bite, my arches were expanded so that my teeth made a “golden mean” smile:

Shooting for golden mean ratios in your physical proportions is one of the best ways to attract women.  For example, you should have a shoulder-to-waist ratio of 1.6 which is achieved by focusing on old-skool standing military barbell presses instead of bench-pressing like every other meathead, along with lateral dumbbell raises.  At the same time, eat a paleo/primal diet to drop your waistline by attaining the lowest bodyfat levels you can.

The other quality that triggers interest from women is facial symmetry.  This is a very complex topic that I will not elaborate on in this post.  Just remember that facial symmetry is critical for success.

Of course we all know about the quality of height to attract women.  Even short women don’t want to date a man under 6 feet tall.  Why is that?  It isn’t that they want to “look up to” a man because a 5’3″ bitch would have no problems looking up to a 5’10″ man.

So what is it?

Women select men on the basis of who will be a good slave for them.  They consider taller men to be more dominant over other men and therefore more capable of fulfilling their needs.  It’s that simple.  Many PUAs back in the day attempted to compensate where they fell short (lol) by wearing boots like this:

These days, the transhumanistic, gender-bending fucktards are pushing fashion styles like this, believe it or not:

And these were the least gay pictures I could find of this trend!

Don’t shoot your masculinity in the fucking foot in an attempt to be tall.  I would wear inserts into shoes with already thick soles.  Like a pair of Doc Marten’s with lifts inside along with semen volumizer tablets.



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