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Women who play endless games suck, and the only reason they can do so is because most men are utterly pathetic.  Men have been trained since small by conditioning and trauma at the hands of the female species to be pawns in the games of women.  The best thing you can do is ignore them if you feel no ill will, and if you do – give them a hefty “fuck you” and kick them out of your life.

Women don’t just play games ONLY because they want to use and discard men, but because they often have serious neurosis that prevent them from enjoying you as a man.  For example, I had this girlfriend back in college who would always arrange to see me for dates and then show up hours late – if at all.  I had a lot of game to get girls in college because I was an obnoxious, grandstanding asshole with a lot of passion… but no game to handle them once acquired because I had no experience with PUA or anything and was also really disconnected from my physical being.

So this girl’s retarded tardiness was rather annoying and hurtful and one day I confronted her.  Luckily she was very smart and capable of introspection despite her utter incapacity to change her behavior.  She revealed that she was always late as fuck because she liked the idea that she was going to see me more so then actually seeing me.  It made her enjoy her drinking with her friends even more knowing she was on the way to see me, but once she went to see me then it was like the xmas present was already opened and the fun was over.  Why was the fun over?  Because in my presence she would have to deal with the challenge of actually relating to me.  It was a challenge because she had more issues than a twenty-year subscription to “Life” magazine.

This tendency to frustrate men does not facilitate a bigger semen volume and just creates destruction and mayhem in the woman’s romantic endeavors.  It also ties into the concept of attainability which I always speak on which is an eternal problem for high value males.  I have experienced my ex-girlfriend’s angst when it came to things like toys: I hardly ever got toys as a child, so when I would finally get a toy, I wouldn’t play with it and instead just admire it on the shelf.  Then I would get abused as follows by my father: “See, we buy you a toy and you don’t even play with it!  That’s why we don’t buy any toys!”

You can see how deprivation leads to trauma and resultant insanity in such an example easily, no?  It’s a vicious circle of lack.  My parents are German and went though the Second Great War.  Starvation was common.  Their neurotic adaptation?  Repress their desire for food!  If you don’t want to eat, then lacking food will not create suffering!  Now, even though the war is long over, their refrigerator is mostly empty and any attempts to fill it will draw out irrational anger at “overstuffing” the fridge. I grew up mostly hungry.  I was fed once a day.  I ate quite a bit in that one sitting, but often times I would be walking for miles (I was never carried as a child) or had just finished swimming or Tae Kwon Do practice and all I would get is a trip to the bakery on the way home to have a 15 cent roll.  I shit you not.

Another control pattern my mom used was to use sweets to try and manipulate me.  I would only be allowed to have 3 cookies a day if I was good, and when I finally got my precious cookies, then my mom would demand that I surrender one of them to her.  Now why would she do that when she controlled the cookies and could eat them any time she wanted – and as many as she wanted?  She would say it was to “teach me to share” and guilt me by saying things like “I would always share with you!”  But in reality it was to break my spirit as a male and render me a good slave for other women in the future. Plus, my mom was anorexic her whole life so it was fun for her to torture me with those cookies.

I should probably forgive my mom because she was neurotic to the core having survived the Russian Rape of Europe and having witnessed girls gang-raped, murdered and crucified against barn doors.  I should also forgive me father because he had 8 sisters who beat on him all day telling him he was “worthless” and “wouldn’t amount to anything.”  They were right – they programmed this so deeply into his head he lived up to it.

On Facebook the other day a woman I know was boasting about how her little boy borrows jewelry or some shit to give to the girls in class he has a crush on.  She’s so proud of what a “john” her little boy is.  One day a woman will be totally thrilled as this little boy in a man’s body buys her houses and cars just like mommy taught him.  Until one day he comes home and his beloved is getting fucked up the ass by her personal trainer.  Way to go mom!

But me parents could have been far worse…  One of my German friends was stuffed with cookies, cakes and pastries all day long under threat of punishment because during the war they starved so therefore he must eat eat eat!  On top of that, his father – a former SS officer, had a vision problem and mistook him for a soccer ball on a daily basis.

Anyway, I refused to let me neurotic German parents break me.  I love food and have a healthy relationship with it.  If I want to eat cookies I go out and buy a 10 lb. case of cookies and eat the shit out them.  The only issue I have is when people want to “taste” my food or have a little piece of something I am eating.  Depending on the intent behind their request, I can flip the fuck out.  I will go out and buy food and cook for someone, I don’t care if people dig about my refrigerator, etc., but I don’t want anybody touching what is on my plate for the most part.   Those are just my scars and I don’t think they will ever go away.   Food, love, sex… they are all forms of sustenance and when people are starved for them BAD SHIT is the result!




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