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November 18th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I was yapping on Skype to my training partner and another friend of mine about what types of bodies attract girls.  Originally I was suggesting that my other friend stop his vegan diet which is wasting him away and come to the gym with us and get big.  Based on his genetics, I suggested his target should be:

My training partner said this guy is “too big” and has this ridiculous idea that women are not attracted to big muscles. Then again, he also thinks penis size doesn’t matter.  Ironically he’s obsessed with humongous tits, so deep down inside he does know that in the mating game – size does matter!

Anyway, he suggested that our friend should shoot to look like this twink:

What is this?  A fucking CHILD???

Okay, look… if you are as big as Ronnie Coleman you may no longer be attractive to a lot of women but that ain’t never going to be a problem for most of us. Probably 1% of the population has the genetics and virility to be a Ronnie Coleman or a Branch Warren.

Nonetheless, women love big muscles as long as the body fat % is kept as low as possible. They are not attracted to the creatine-bloated look you see all over the gym floor. The thing is, in order to be “ripped” or “shredded” you need to put on A LOT of muscle mass first. Otherwise, there is nothing to rip and shred. LOL!

This guy below…

…used to be some scrawny kid that turned himself into an internet muscle-god.  He’s pretty ripped most of the time, but being that he was so scrawny, he took a lot of steroids to put on the mass that he has.  If he had a bigger bone structure and took the same amount of steroids and did the same amount of work, he would be what my training partner calls “too big.”

On an interesting side note, the guy above died at like 22 in Thailand in a sauna while cranked on enhancers to “get ripped.”

This whole thing about getting ripped was invented by guys who can’t get big so they compensate by becoming male anorexics who chase dangerously low body fat levels.

My advice is to eat a paleo/primal diet replete with protein and fat and cut out all sugar and most carbs.   This will keep your body fat low safely while you pursue as much strength and mass as you can muster.

Bottom line: you will never see a guy who is jacked with an ugly girl.  Maybe her face will need a bag over it, but her body will be SLAMMING.  It’s just the way it is.



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