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November 19th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So I’m headed out in January to the AVN and all the other shows they have there at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to peddle my penis pills.  I look forward to it, as I haven’t been on the show circuit in like 2 years due to injury and familial health concerns.

On another level I am also apprehensive about it because going to those shows overcharges my erectile function as I want to fuck all the hot girls everywhere.  Well, maybe not ALL, but quite a few.  Some of the famous female stars are kinda’ gross and fake in person.

Nonetheless, I’m back in the saddle and we shall see what happens.  I want to go watch that movie “Priest” right now and drink a Bitburger.  Bitburger has the best can design in the world of beer.  Take a look:

I’m also excited because by the time the show rolls around my braces will be off.  They will be off in 4 weeks actually and then my teeth will be super-beautiful.  They were always straight but I had a monster overbite which needed correcting.

When the braces come off it will be a big self-esteem boost because I don’t hit on as many women as I normally would because I am self-conscious.  Having braces really gives women an excuse to reject you.  They aren’t fucking cool at all, even though I have the clear ones.

Like today this woman came up to me on the street and she wanted to be hit on, but I was like wow wait until she sees me open my mouth to talk.  Plus, my mouth is all tied up with rubber bands for the last 4 weeks.  So I did nothing.  *sigh*



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