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March 27th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Guys who are into cum pills are often into guns.  So on that topic, let me comment on this whole bullshit about some dude who shot some kid in a hoodie.  You can’t stop hearing about this crap, and the liberals are using it to speak out against gun ownership, and pound the drums of racism…

Here’s the deal for all you liberal fucktards who don’t seem to get it.  More then half the states in the union have concealed carry laws in addition to open carry laws.  Some states are super cool and have what are called “castle laws” and “stand your ground laws.”  “Castle laws” basically say a man’s home is his castle so if some asshole decides to break into your house you can just shoot him without warning.  “Stand your ground laws” basically say that if you feel your life is threatened you can shoot the individual threatening you.

Naturally, every gun owner knows that he will have to justify his use of deadly force to the local district attorney, or he is going to jail for murder.  In addition, he will have to face civil lawsuits in the millions of dollars and this even if he is exonerated in criminal court.

So believe me, nobody who has a concealed carry permit or who lives in a state with “castle laws” or “stand your ground laws” thinks they can use these legal vehicles to get away with murder.  Naturally it is possible that Zimmerman was batshit crazy, but it isn’t likely.  Even if he was, what does this have to do with “stand your ground laws?”

Now about this racism bullshit.  Unless Zimmerman used racial epithets against this Tayshon kid nobody should be crying racism.  I call Tayshon a “kid” only because everyone else keeps calling him that, and to point out how ridiculous it is to call a 6′+ teenager a “kid.”

Here is what you need to know: if Zimmerman attacked Tayshon, he will probably be tried for murder.  If Tayshon attacked Zimmerman, then Zimmerman will probably go free, but he sued for millions of dollars in civil court by Tayshon’s parents – and probably lose. :(

This is the nature of “stand your ground laws” and these laws are awesome, because when it comes to asocial criminal violence, you usually don’t have time to pull out your gun and warn the perpetrator that he should stop or he will be shot and all this stupidity.  You have to act fast to save your life.  My hat is off to Florida for acknowledging the realities of criminal violence and recognizing a citizen’s need to defend herself.



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