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March 26th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Lots of fun stuff this weekend.  Went out every night, some nights went sarging.  Decided I need to get back in the game more.  Ain’t going to get women working all the time, so I’ve been working outside a lot lately at places like Whole Foods and such.  Take my lappy and my Clear 4G connection and get a lot of writing done and such like that.  It also gives me a chance to meet people.  But I’ve also started hitting up high-end bars, clubs, beergardens, etc.  Here is a cool picture a friend snapped of me on the A/C/E line at the Canal Street station:









I was feeling a little wacky, as a friend of mine took a shot of himself jacking-off one of his bigger loads into the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day and I was very impressed by such a stunt.  His goal was to turn that filthy sewer of a river white, which means that he must have some incredible ejaculation volume!

Anyway, on Friday night myself and another friend pulled two girls from the club “Libation” on the Lower East Side.  Generally speaking, the finest women in NYC are in Soho and the Meat-Packing, but the LES is also very nice on peak nights.  I really wasn’t feeling the girl I pulled, but I had to do it so she wouldn’t cock-block my friend, and I bailed as soon as I could.  If I can’t get an erection when talking to a woman, I don’t fuck her.  The chemistry ain’t right.  I don’t want to force it, you know?  Plus, my feet were tired from hours of standing, dancing and walking about.



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