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March 28th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Nice headline, eh?  Anyway, today I went to the store to buy some condoms.  Not because I am scared of STDs, but because I don’t want to get anyone pregnant and destroy my life.  It could be that as Tom Leykis is coming back on the air, that I can feel his spirit return and along with it his wisdom.

I hate condoms, but I hate getting girls pregnant.  So I bought some lambskins, and these new condoms made from polyisoprene.  As opposed to latex.  I will try them out when I have to ejaculate and let you all know what I think about them.  Lambskins are really the best, my only complaint with them is that they are a little tight and only come in one size.   They tend to be larger then smaller, but with polyisoprene condoms you can get them in large size and then they aren’t so tight – especially if you have sex for a very long time.  The last thing you need is blood circulation in your cock suffering from constriction!

I also downloaded this cool ebook (I paid for it) called “The Unmentored Male” which I saw advertised on rense.com and I though it looked interesting because it reminded me of “The Manipulate Man” which is the greatest book for men on the subject of women that has ever been written.  More on that tomorrow.



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