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January 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So yesterday I was blogging about how I felt that V*rden*fil messed up my vision but last night I tried just D*poxetine and the next day my vision was blurry. So I looked up the side-effects of SSRIs and there you go! The V*rden*fil may have given me a monster migraine but I unfairly assumed it was affecting my vision as well. It was actually the D*poxetine! So that’s the end of my experimentation with that drug. Blurry vision sucks.

Just keeping you all posted on my sperm count experiments. Next I will try a low, 10mg dosage of Ci*lis with 200mg of 5-HTP and see how that works. A 10mg dosage of Ci*lis seems to have no side-effects whatsoever and I am wondering if high dosages of 5-HTP will bring up the serotonin levels as much as 60mg of D*poxetine. It would be great if it did, because it is all natural and there will be no side-effects at all. I will have to look on Google if anyone has experimented with very high 5-HTP dosages (more then 200mg) and what the results were.

I have found the when I combined D*poxetine with over 50mg of 5-HTP (I tried it along with 50mg, 100mg and 150mg dosages of 5-HTP), I started to have negative psychological effects like waves of terror or anxiety, and mild hallucinations.



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