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January 17th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I read an interesting article today from Nicole Daedone who wrote this book called “Slow Sex.”  It’s a great article because it actually gives some insight into what women really want, yet punk out about.  It’s quite good.

The whole idea of  “slow sex” probably does a lot to increase sperm, but I am still against it.  I hate when people try to put sex into all these boxes and forms.  Why can’t you have hard thrusting sex for 20 minutes followed by slow sex for 30 minutes and then back to hard thrusting?  Maybe sometimes you want to ejaculate and sometimes not?  Why can’t you have tantric sex and do anal in the same night?

I just don’t think that it is very intelligent to try and control sexual energy in that fashion, and when someone is advocating only “slow sex” or “non-ejaculatory” sex it is as retarded as advocating doing meth and seeing how many times you can cum in one night.  The free movement of sexual energy is what will enhance sperm production in my experience.

Actually, her name for the slow sex movement she created (or maybe it’s the name of her company) is “one taste” which pretty much sums it up.

I don’t want to watch a TV with just 1 channel, but of course for all the retards who still haven’t figured out how to manage their own sexuality, let alone relate to a woman on any real level, I’m sure this sort of movement is rather attractive.

But I am not here to diss Nicole, as she wrote a very brilliant article and deserves a lot of credit for writing it.  All I can do is give her a link from my site.



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