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January 15th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

For those of you who really enjoy that moment when you ejaculate, MoneyShot Pills are for you! Sometimes I take 8 tablets a day because they are so healthy for your kidneys. In Chinese medicine, your kidneys are very important for your sexual functioning!

So MoneyShot Pills do more then just help out your ejaculation volume, they also increase the amount of pleasure along with your sexual performance. I just don’t talk about those aspects of the product much for two reasons:

1.A product (brand) needs to focus on ONE strength. You can’t be known for two things. So I focus on what this product does best which is to help you to shoot the most massive of loads possible. I have no competition in this arena.

2.No herbal product can compete in the performance arena against PDE-5 inhibitors so what’s the point in even mentioning “performance” enhancements?

Speaking of PDE-5 inhibitors, I tried the generic v*rden*fil last week and that shit was horrid. I had the worst migraine headache and my vision hasn’t been the same since. My sight was a little blurry for 2 days after and it took maybe a day for me to notice it. My vision has gotten a little better since then but it still doesn’t quite feel the same.

That’s the last time I take that product! The irony is that it is a 3rd generation PDE-5 inhibitor and supposed to be the most gentle. WTH?



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