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Check out this loser who married Kim Kardashian, posing with his “prize.”  Now a lot of you will say: “He’s not a loser, he’s a star pro-athlete.”  You’d be right in one regard – a professional athlete is the ultimate alpha male in our retarded society.  Too bad so many of these “alpha males” are so fucking stupid.  Here is a guy who is like 26 years old, and about to enter his PRIME – I mean, he can easily spend the next 15  years fucking an endless array of 9s and 10s while banking millions upon millions in endorsement deals, etc.

Yet what does he choose?  He chooses to marry a woman who is like 30, and consequently has zero sexual market value left in her fat ass.  Even more ridiculous, is this tool married a woman who spent her own prime years drawing a cart filled with black cock up-and-down the street.   This isn’t some racist statement, either… if the majority of your girl’s X’s were of a race other then yours, you have to ask yourself, “why the fuck is she with me?”  The answer is that Kim clearly prefers black men sexually, but no black men who are also pro-athletes were stupid enough to marry her.  Marriage is never about sex, which is why women spend their youth fucking what really turns them on before they have to cut back (they never give up) on what gets them off in order to secure financial support for the rest of their lives.  Seriously, how many more calendars can Kim make, and how many more reality show episodes can she knock out?  Her days are numbered, and it was time to sell her ass one last time at the peak of it’s perceived value.   She is the real pro-athlete here, having snagged a 26 year-old top earning alpha male before he realized he could do sooooo much better – a thousand times over.

You think Kim’s new husband ever asked himself why a woman with a history of having sex with black dudes would find “love” with him?  Take a good look at his face… he’s just too damn stupid.  He’s as stupid looking as their height differential – further proof that women don’t seek tall men to have someone to look up to, they seek tall men for their value against other men.  Why else do 5-foot-nothing women demand men over 6’1″?   They would be over-shadowed by a 5’9″ guy if it was just about having someone to look up to.

Below is a chart I boosted from Solomon Reborn, that tracks the realities of such things as I am babbling about…

I will always remember when I was very young, maybe 19, I picked up this woman on the street.  She was 28.  We went out on a date, went back to her place, and started making out.  I really, really liked her, as did she like me.  Suddenly she stopped, and said she “couldn’t do this.”  I was confused.  She said, “I am really into you, but you are too young and don’t have the financial resources to give me the lifestyle that I need.  If I have sex with you, I will get hooked on you and then I won’t be able to find and get with the guy who will be able to give me the lifestyle I want.”

I was floored.  Here was this woman at that critical age seen on the graph above, tossing away sex and quite possibly love – for money.  She went on to tell me about her ex, a rich doctor, whom she broke up with…  She would go out by herself and pick up women in bars to take home for threesomes with this dude all the fucking time.  Wow… what a lesson for me to learn at age 19!  If you are a wealthy doctor, women will bring home other girls to have threesomes with you, but if you don’t have money, all you’ll get are blue-balls.  I would run into her in the street several times over the next few years, and after a succession of wealthy men pumped-and-dumped her, she decided she would be better off becoming a prostitute.  Which she did.  In reality, she was always a prostitute, she just over-estimated her market value and had to go down to $300/hour based on actual demand from men.  She definitely took a ton of semen volume in that career of hers.  Too bad it wasn’t mine.

What the stupid whore didn’t realize, is had she started having sex with my 19-year old ass and fulfilling my ever fantasy, I would have spent all my time chasing money instead of pussy and by 27 I would have been rich enough to take care of her plus we would have been in love since we were crazy about each other.  THAT is what a real woman does – she sees potential in a man and grows it, as a man who has already arrived has no use for a woman except as a cum dumpster.  Which is what she became.  :(





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