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Getting ready for a late-night shoulder and abdominal workout at the local 24-hour gym, and here is my other motivational video.  Kai Greene and Kevin Levrone are my two favorite bodybuilders of all time.

Bodybuilding and lifting videos on youtube always bring out the closet haters.  The people who flood videos with comments about how pro-bodybuilders are using poor form, or abusing steroids.  When you watch youtube, you get the feeling there are a lot of really strong people out there and lots of people begin to feel insecure.  In reality, all those strong people you see on youtube probably make up 2% of the world population, but insecure people are going to be insecure.

Haters are everywhere cock-blocking the lives of those who are ready for glory.  Like he other night I was at a bar helping my friend pick up some chick.  These ugly girls came in and sat by us and the stench of their hate just fucked up the whole thing.  We had the greatest vibe going before they showed up, and it was like their presence took a shit all over the whole bar.

Anyway, they really sucked and started to vent their anger at us.  I didn’t even talk to them about how to increase ejaculation!  So it was either beat the living shit out of them or leave, so we decided to leave the bar.  If I owned a bar, I would not allow ugly girls in.  There would be a sign at the door banning them, and I would hire a bouncer with taste to do the selections.  It’s because most ugly girls are so miserable, all they do is fuck shit up for everyone else.  What’s funny is that they really have no option but to be sweet, yet still they act like cunts.

Speaking of PUA, most PUAs are haters too.  They hate on women, but for the wrong reasons.  There are plenty of reasons to hate on women which I will cover in future posts, such as the fact they have a penchant for cruelty that men do not, and charge way too much money when they are in full-on whoring mode between the ages of 25-40, but these PUA blogs rarely bring that stuff up.  Sometimes the latter, never the former.

When you read enough of their blogs, you see what they are so pissed off about, is that they can’t find a woman to marry for a whole litany of reasons they rehash over-and-over.  It seems like all of them are pumping-and-dumping chicks but then complaining about the fact.  There is that old expression, “I don’t want to be part of a club that would have me as a member.”  I think that applies to many PUAs.  They are searching for this illusory purity and of course if the woman sucks their cock in the bathroom of some bar then she disqualifies herself.  It’s this sort of whining that makes woman always feel guilty about being sluts.

Forget about marriage which makes no sense, forget about purity which makes even less, stop punishing women for being sluts and come up with collective bargaining strategies to bring down the price of sex during their whoring years.  The cool thing is that if all us men abandon marriage completely, the price of sex during their whoring years will come down automatically.  And the coolest thing, is that love will come back into fashion.




Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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  • Dude you couldn’t have said it more true!!! People of both sexes are unfucking believable in their way they view the world sex themselves eachother the things they think they want and need and spend most their miserable lives unhappy wasting their best years tollerating torturing themselves with jealousy or maybe guilt or low selfesteem or confidence because they are so fucking dependent on others for their self worth and security they usually smother or try to find that security in themselves in others and if they would wake the fuck up the security is in 1 place in themselves.. if they would just fuck when their horny and are attracted to another person not judge others on any level at least to where its going to cause drama between u2 or hurt or angery feelings, compliment instead of talkin shit smile instead of doggin and be open and try not to be or pretend to b someone ur not and if u just seek the things u urself find exciting without worrying about if someone else is happy 2 or compromizing ur life everyone could find their CHI or find tottal satisfaction in life..Example> I waalk down the street i see many women of all sizes ages ect i find or try to find that one good thing that i might be able to justify me sticking my cock in one of her orifices.. I think about fucking almost every women i see dosent mean i would cause after the thought I sometimes am sick to my stomach and loose my sexual interest 4 a minute but then comes a lil hottie and booom im thinkin about how i can show her my skills and do things to her no man has cause i know im that goood..I may not be the best looking or hung like john holmes but if i work at it there is very few i dont make squirt and show the time of there life to and that satisfies me and teaching others how to satisfy and pleasure or making them feel not ashamed and opening them up to guilt free exploration of them seves is one of greatest feeling of all sure is fuck is better than marrige and being taken 4 all u have and lied to for the rest of ur life. man i feel ur posts and for the first time in long time i feel im not the only one out there who can see the i cant even describe stupidity that most of humanity suffers from and contributes to the failure of society and the effort we must make and cash spent along with drama just for some fucking pussy when u no they want the cock but ..im done u get wat im sayin ur posts rock.. your wors like gospel

    October 26th, 2011 comment by The GladE8r PuSeeLiquor

  • Thanks for the comment!

    October 26th, 2011 comment by Plato Powers

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