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I was having a conversation last night with a guy who works at my 24/7 gym before I went home, and we started talking about the best women to have as lovers.  We both agreed on Brazilian and French as the very best this planet has to offer.  As the conversation was based on our relative levels of promiscuity, it naturally drifted towards the subject of disease.  He asked me what I thought about getting STDs and shit from all the women in NYC.

I paused for a second and said, “Well, a lot of people get very upset with my point of view.”

“Don’t worry,” he replied.  “I’m sure I’ll agree with you.”

So I just said it: “AIDS is for gay people.”  He started laughing.  “I totally agree with you!”

I mean look people, I’ve almost never worn a condom in my life.  Never got a thing.  No herpes, no clap and certainly not no HIV!  Why?  Because AIDS is a lifestyle problem…

I knew a lot of gay dudes who are dead from AIDS and you know what they all had in common?  Doing drugs because they hate themselves, then heading over to some bath house and taking bare-back loads in their rectums from a train of men.

When you cum in a woman’s ass, your huge ejaculation goes right into her bloodsteam.  The body sees the sperm as a foreign invader and her immune system starts to fight it.  This temporarily lowers her immunity, but it’s no big deal because there usually aren’t 10 other guys in line to drop seed in her anus, and she usually isn’t high on crystal meth at the time.

If she were, her immunity would be compromised and she’s get AIDS too.  Furthermore, these drug-addled gay boys are over-ejaculating and exhausting themselves.  Finally, let’s look at steam-rooms… hot, humid, moist – they are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and viri.

That’s why every time you hear about some new strain of Black Syphillis, Type-1000 Herpes or some crazy shit, it ALWAYS comes out of the bathhouse community in New York or San Francisco.

Now I have lots of friends who have fucked hundreds if not thousands of women without condoms.  Including prostitutes, crackheads, junkies… one of them got the clap, and another got gonorrhea – after like 10 years, and they were really trying to push the envelope.

Here’s another secret.  Almost no women out there practice safe sex.  Sure, they all ask you if you’ve got “protection” and if you are smart you’ll say “yes,” place the wrapped condom down on the table and simply never bother to put it on.  They’ll almost never protest.  See, women love raw cock that is full of energy and they love your semen blasting off inside of them.  But they don’t want you to realize what a public cum receptacle they are.  So they act like they are interested in condoms, and then if you ever later on decide to question them as to why they didn’t insist you follow through with using it, they can pretend like the passion you shared was so special and they figured you must be clean anyway because you had a condom.

So everybody is basically feigning cleanliness while mixing body fluids like chemicals in a meth lab.  So everybody should have AIDS, right?  Well, they don’t.  Because as I already said, AIDS is for gay boys.

The latest scam out there is that some virus causes cervical cancer and they want to vaccinate every girl out there for it.  Women get cervical cancer and all that noise because their diets are deficient in iodine, and they run their internal energy as if they were a man (especially in NYC), while paying no mind to the consciousness of the men who cum inside of them.  All that garbage in men’s minds that she gets seeded with will be given birth to at some point.  But instead of birthing babies, what gets birthed is cancer.



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