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August 6th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Check out this nonsense!  The Port Authority plans to nearly DOUBLE the cost of tolls between NY and NJ, blaming a litany of things ranging from the cost to rebuild the twin towers, to replacing the cables on the GW Bridge or some bullshit like that.

Here is the real truth the elite don’t want you to know: ALL tunnels and bridges are owned by PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS.  What???  No way!!!  Yes way.  If you look back in the history of NYC, you will find that Robert Moses had the political power he did because he OWNED the fucking Triboro Bridge and collected all the toll money for himself and his projects.

Now, do you really think anything has changed?  Of course not.  Maybe the bridges and tunnels have been sold to some foreign dude, or the INDIVIDUAL who owns them is masquerading behind some corporate veil, but at the end of the day it is an individual or a gang of individuals who are behind everything.

I mean seriously, ask yourself this question: “Why do bridges and tunnels have tolls?  Why is the cost of their upkeep not taken out of state tax coffers?  Do I pay taxes to have to wait 1 hour every day to cross the GW Bridge?”

You waste your life waiting to cross the GW Bridge or enter the Queens-Midtown Tunnel because you have to pay a toll.  Period.  It is the biggest waste or time and gasoline there is in this town.  So why don’t the “authorities” get rid of tolls?  The answer is that the ELITE who OWN the authorities don’t want their revenue stream cut off.

It’s like those children’s stories about the troll under the bridge.  Yet people never recognize the troll in real life and ask themselves why they have to pay a toll?  IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!  The common answer is “maintenance” yet why is that money not taken out of the general tax revenue?  How much is maintenance really?

Not to mention I live near the Queen-Midtown Tunnel and they are shutting down one or the other tubes every other week and jamming up everything for miles.  It’s almost as stupid as street fairs in Manhattan: shutting down entire avenues and grid-locking the entire city so some idiot can sell lemonade that is two grades above piss, or make smoothies from dirty fruit that fell on the ground.  But that’s a subject for another blog post…

Now if you have the brains and balls to come out and say that bridges and tunnels are owned by private individuals, people will look at you like you are crazy.  Fuck them.  Fuck cars too if you live in this town.  Walk or take the subway, and pick up girls along the way.  Walking will help you to increase semen volume, but if you must ride in a car, chew on some yummy MoneyShot Pills while you sit on your ass listening to Howard Stern.

I’m really in a bad mood today, if you can’t tell.  :)



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